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Scottish Premiershp

Saturday 13 August - kick-off 3pm

Aberdeen v Motherwell

Stand Free!

Scotland's first fantasy football app!

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Hi everyone!


We're launching Scotland's first fantasy football app this summer - Fantasy Football Scotland.  There are over a quarter of a million active fantasy football users in Scotland, however most play an English version. A Scottish version of the game has not been available, until now.


Obviously this isn't a strictly Aberdeen thing, but thought you might be interested anyway. Fans will be able to build their squad of 15 players, make transfers, pick captains and vice captains, make substitutions, create their own custom leagues and invite their friends. The app will be available on the App Store and Google Play this summer.


If you enter your email address (takes about 10 secs) in the link below we'll 1) email you when the app is available to download and 2) enter you in a draw to win a Google Pixel 3a.


CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP >> bit.ly/FFScotland


Thanks! We're excited to get started.

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Good stuff. I think fantasy fitba is for losers, but at least it'll be losers promoting the Scottish game. Well done.






Not something I've participated in for a while now because I can never be particularly arsed putting in the time required over the course of a season but maybe I'll give this a go assuming that Morelos' red card record will be reflected in his price!

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He's not saying you can't enjoy it. He's commenting on the type of people who do. And anyone who invests time doing this shit is quite obviously a loser.


That's not strictly true. I enjoyed playing pretend managers when I was 14, and I wasn't a loser.


Each to their own though Tyrant, you're right of course. It's just another hobby.

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You think art is great, you'd go to an art gallery and look at an unmade bed. Best keep it shut shorty when it comes to speaking about wastes of time.


No I wouldn't pay money to see Tracey Emin's shite. But I did see Starry Night by VvG and Les Demoiselles d'Avignon by Picasso last month at MOMA, two of the most famous works by two of the most famous artists alongwith so many other phenomenal stuff, Cezanne, Miro and Kandinsky being personal favourites.


You shouldn't begrudge the millions of us over millennia who love art. Just like I don't begrudge the imaginationless saddos who play computer games and play fantasy football.


The difference is, you begrudge us because you don't understand our passion. You don't have the capacity to appreciate it. You're just wired up wrong. We on the other hand fully understand the type of people who spend time on inane shit like that. They're losers.


You should be old enough by now to have worked out who you are and how you think. Hating on the different from you born solely from sheer stupidity and gross ignorance is a dangerous trait. It's the same root sources of racism and bigotry. Your lack of empathy and your intolerance defines you and it's tragic.

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I think the criticism is a little harsh, it’s just a generational thing. We never used to see dad or grandpa in jeans, men on skate boards, or adult play at work as companies like google promote. I’d say it’s close to the modern day bookies, yet from the comfort of your own home. All the aches and pains mean I can’t play any more, I don’t have the time or the money to hang out at the pub and talk football, so a little online managerial fun is harmless. Obviously, moderation is the key like many things. We’ll all complain about the youth of today and how certain things in our day were so much better, I think this is just one thing some won’t accept. While I despise baseball, I’m a fan of the film Moneyball, adapt or die says it all.

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