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Scottish Premiership:

Aberdeen v Hibernian

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  1. Does anyone play fantasy on the site SPFL? Need help. There are a couple of questions.
  2. Why not pay attention to Jack Hendry or David Bates. But I understand that it will not be affordable.
  3. This will be the third manager of Nottingham Forest who is interested in him.
  4. It looks like it's done. But it is embarrassing that the price they are talking about is £3M.
  5. 3-4-2-1? В целом у Израиля очень хорошая линия атаки и очень посредственный голкипер. ?
  6. Scotland team v Israel: Marshall, McKenna, McTominay, Tierney, Forrest, Jack, McGregor, Robertson, Christie, McGinn, Dykes. Subs: McLaughlin, McCrorie, Paterson, Fleck, Gallagher, Cooper, Burke, Armstrong, McLean, O’Donnell, Palmer, Taylor.
  7. A weak opponent is not a guarantee that we will advance further. You remember what happened in the past seasons.
  8. There is no doubt that Viking needs to be completed and I am glad that we will play with Sporting. You should strive to always play with a good opponent, and not with mid-range teams. Most of our best matches in Europe have been with great and stronger teams. The last such games were with Burnley and it was really cool and not ashamed of the team! COYR!!!
  9. A good draw, I really didn't want to play away. We'll have to put up with a shitty field.
  10. Hedges to start please. COYR!
  11. Not all! Well, okay, let's not talk about it any more - we forgot)
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