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Where Are They Now???????????

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We're only a month away from it being ten years since I celebrated becoming an author by watching my heroes draw 2-2 with said mighty Bayern Munich.  But where are one's starting eleven now???????????



1.Jamie Langfield, 28.Alan Maybury, 5.Zander Diamond, 21.Andrew Considine, 18.Lee Mair, 8.Barry Nicholson, 6.Scott Severin ©, 27.Josh Walker, 26.Sone Aluko, 10.Darren Mackie, 16.Lee Miller.         

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1.Jamie Langfield - St Mirren

28.Alan Maybury - Falkirk U20s Coach

5.Zander Diamond - Mansfield Town

21.Andrew Considine - Still here

18.Lee Mair - Retired: Now an entrepreneur and allegedly applied to go on 'the apprentice'

8.Barry Nicholson - Fleetwood Town Development Manager

6.Scott Severin © - Retired: Now an Assistant Well Test Technician at Expro

27.Josh Walker - Edinburgh City Captain

26.Sone Aluko - Reading

10.Darren Mackie - Retired: Until recently was a Sales Executive for Nixon Hire

16.Lee Miller - Falkirk

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Langfield is an up and coming gk coach as well as letting in goals at St Mirren

Maybury is a youth coach at Falkirk

Diamond is hammer throwing in Mansfield

Considine being done for pace down Aberdeen’s left side.

Mair last I noticed on social media was selling supplements?

Nicholson is a youth coach near Blackpool

Severin thought I heard he was offshore?

Walker was he not playing for Edinburgh City?

Aluko showing the world how mental the English transfer market is last summer

Mackie probably missing sitters for Locos

Miller is he not still playing for Falkirk?


Mental how far that team went, current team would smash them.


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Took about two months to be forgiven for spending that Valentines in Aberdeen. Although I put my daughters interest in football down to being rocked to sleep to AFC European exploits that season (unfortunately she seems to have got Darren Mackie’s ability), she loves it though.


Happy memories for a couple of reasons.

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Guest kiriakovisthenewstrachan

Noticed that both Ash Taylor and Peter Pawlett's new sides have been relegated this season.  Johnny Hayes only made about half a dozen starts for the celic before injury and Ryan Jack of "The Rangers" achieved as many red cards as good games before injury.


Niall McGinn is back at Pittodrie after his adventure in Asia.


The grass is clearly not always greener on the other side.




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