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Wednesday 29th May 2024

Scottish League Cup Group Stage Draw - 1pm

🔴⚪️ Come on you Reds! ⚪🔴

Dons - jags 27/12

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Good chat guys  :thumbsup:


Hard fought victory, a lot tighter than I thought it would be and not that many chances created. Some good play from gms / consi in the first half but failed to take it through to the second. Hopefully consi is ok, storey ran into him and managed to get a free kick out of it. Rooney was unlucky to have his goal ruled out for a high foot (no red tv reply so need to see it again) but was in the right place at the right time after some excellent play from christie. Stewart was probably worthy of his motm too.


Still a wins a win in what looked like a Baltic pittodrie. Especially with the hunnery getting a win at home

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Thought Considine and Stewart played very well tonight and glad Rooney got his goal, hopefully we can put this Maynard shyte to bed once and for all.


We huffed and puffed a lot and Thistle made it very hard for us at times, thought we were unlucky when Rooneys first goal was ruled out due to a foul on the keeper, it seemed very harsh, had a decent view of it from the Merkie, but the ref didn't want to give us much throughout the game.


As for the scrote Storey, quite sure the fucker meant to hurt COnsidine with his challenge which saw Considine go off injured. Not long after Stewart limped off injured and both Shay and O'Connor were limping about at times as well during the match.


We did a professional job tonight to get the points, not a game for the purists, but three points and a clean sheet and would have been an injustice if Thistle left with a point, got what they deserved.


It was a cold match though, but a decent enough crowd all things considered.


Bring on the diet huns on Saturday, although I suspect we will be the only team trying to play something resembling football.

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Fuck, that was a cold one. Nae a great game, but a good 15 minute spell did the business. Christie, Stewart, McKenna and Considine top performers. Also O'Connor was okay and as was McLean. GMS struggled in the second, and Wright came on and did okay in places. No need for the Ball introduction, it's supposed to be an entertainment game. Ross should have been on for Stewart.


Interesting to hear McInnes interview after the game, clearly focused on points' targets, which is nice to see. We've done well so far this season in that regard, and that could be the difference between finishing above the huns or nae. 45 at the break would be phenomenal, although Hertz will be difficult to play given their propensity for booting shite out of athin. Looking forward to it, hope it's warmer.


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Hertz will be difficult to play given their propensity for booting shite out of athin. Looking forward to it


I think this is both true and false. They will be difficult to play against. They’re not an unfairly physical team.


I’m also not particularly looking forward to it. One out of three ain’t bad I guess.


There’s not much we disagree on when it comes to state of the nation analysis at AFC. It’s our ability to tolerate what’s going down that is the biggest divide between us I feel.

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