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Bookies shirt sponsorship to be banned?

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If they're going to ban betting then they should should ban everything that someone had an objection to? *can-of-worms smiley*


How much of our income actually comes from shirt sponsorship?

I realise for some teams worldwide (even weegie-wide?) it's probably significant, but would losing all shirt sponsorship affect us that badly.


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I mind when Scotsport and Sportscene went off air for a few weeks when Hibs were the first team in Scotland to put a sponsorship logo on their shirts ( Bukta) around late 1979/early 1980 IIRC.




Aye, major fuss with the BBC anyway.

Wouldn't show Hibs games.



They were right, who the fuck wants to buy a football jersey with an advert for " Badwik Fanny Pads" on it?

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