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Sporting stars as "brands"

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Is it just me that's getting more and more irritated by this (is it just me becoming and grumpy old man?) (becoming??)


Anyway, I find myself getting increasingly annoyed seeing sportstars with their own registered "logos" (usually some poncey graphic designer stylisation of their initials). Federer and Woods seem to be among the first I remember (but there may be others) and as for Lewis Hamilton  :twisted:


I know it has always been thus since the advent of professional sports and big sponsors etc, but I find this sort of "self-aggrandizement" particularly seems to be de-rigeur these days, for individual sports men/women especially.


Am I in a minority here, am I really just a GOM or a dinosaur?

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Dinna get me started on DJ Hamilton.....


The thing you have to remember is that for every sports star who has decided to go down the 'brand' route there are a hundred more who don't give it a second thought.  That's the way I see it anyway.


Must admit I am quite fond of my 'Alan Tate for men' aftershave.  The women love it.  :wave:

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I mind kids talking about wearing "DM's" when I was aloon, was this no something to do with the Dazzler?


I had one pair of DM beets in the 70's but forty years later, got my second pair of Docs.


They were a standard pair of black shoes which I got earlier this year but I've since added to them with a pair of green (khaki) Docs crossed with Engineered Garments and last month, got this navy pair of the same.



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