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Kevin Gallacher...

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I see Kevin Gallacher's been on the crack pipe...


Particularly this part...“Jim’s tactics were superior to Aberdeen’s but look at the success Aberdeen had under Fergie. Obviously he had something there.”


I would say 11 trophies to 3 would seem to indicate otherwise...


Apologies for the link...



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Fergie was a young manager on the up during his time with us.

Some how don't see McLean falling into the same category to be honest.

Now I'll never be proved right or wrong, but some thing tells me that McLean and his style of management wouldn't have worked at a bigger club with higher profile players. Just a feeling like  :dunno:

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Always thought United had a good team, but their players individually and collectively were just that level below ours (sometimes a good few levels below, in some cases).  Narey was a class player and Malpas would have fitted into our defence well. Sturrock was also a good player, but never thought we were particularly missing out by not having them.  Same goes for their manager.  A serial bottler in the Scottish Cup, something that could never be aimed at Fergie.

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Dundee United 1981-1987 were a brilliant team.  Consistently good in Europe, lots of spectacular results and reached 1 UEFA final.    Anyone that was at Pittodrie 1980's knows our games against them were titanic tussles with mind games, tactical battles and we had a brilliant rivalry with them.


The rivalry with United was massive, far bigger than that with Celtic and Rangers.

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