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Who would get into the Celtic team?

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The question was asked after the game today.


What Huns would get into the Celtic team?



What dons players would get into the Celtic team then?


Here's my thoughts.



maybe Logan on his day

Shinnie as a left back?



Think that's it.


They do have a fantastic team with a fair bit of competent back up.


How can we compete with that?



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Tierney was class today, as he has been all season. If Shinnie had been played in his best position, there might have been an argument for him but I'm afraid I see only Lewis as a possible contender and even then, Gordon has been pretty faultless.


If Hayes had had the opportunity to start and develop into this Celtic team, he might have made it but realistically none of our players are good enough to compete with them which is why the final next month is the most predictable ever in AFC history.

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Under Delia they would probably have been after Hayes, Shinnie etc.


However, they have obviously moved on now under Rodgers and now can work in the Premier League market for some players e.g. Sinclair.


I don't see them buying any of AFC players at all. It would make sense we move for the players they have in the squad whether from there under 20's or like of McKay Steven or Christie or Liam Henderson.


It works both ways - none of the players they have would really make it in a top 4 teams First XI in England - none of them.  Sinclair you could argue was a reject in England a sort of Aston Villa type player.


Gordon would be a back up only - if that or Hull City, Sunderland level.  Chelsea wanted him as No.2 only.  Tierney is a lot of hype for that level and Dembele is unproven as yet - he was only at Fulham.


Griffiths was at Wolves FFS!


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A lot of our players would improve there like Armstrong has. Playing in a free flowing attacking side, the likes of Hayes, Logan and Shinnie I think would flourish in that team, and Jack would improve having Brown next to him.


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Shay Logan in my opinion, is the best RB in the division, Celtic full back included. Lustig is obviously a good full back, an International, but he's a lanky streak of piss, and if it's down to football ability, Logan wins, hands down.  Only my opinion mind.


Is Callum MacGregor better than Kenny McLean? Again, for me, not really.


And regarding Tierney, it didn't take long for that love in to happen. Considine could be there LB and look as good as him, that's a fact. Maybe doesn't posses the same pace and isn't a natural LB, but he's a better defender and brings aerial ability which the Tim loon doesn't.  I am in no way saying he's pish etc... because he's not, but he's not as good as the Victims seem to make all their players out to be.

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