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Speed Limit to 90mph?

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Is there any evidence that it will reduce congestion? It seems a little flawed. I can't drive at 70 on most of my journeys because of traffic, so raising the speed limit would be irrelevant (I rarely drive on motorways either). Also, what increases congestion on my journey is the fact that folk hare up to the visible traffic jams ahead accelerating to reach them quicker.


Anyway, if I'm ever in a position where I can do 90mph, I just do it. Expecially through Garlogie, it's an ace long straight for speeding.

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Folk changing lanes causes congestion.


Having said that I'm all for an increase on suitable roads. These limits were set decades ago when brakes were made of cheese and tyres were made of jelly.


Improved brakes and tyres have made a difference however they do not always improve the person controlling them.


'Forgetting' to use mirrors,


indicators only used when illegally parked,

forgetting or in some worrying cases outright refusing to put on headlights in bad weather conditions,

the obsession with using mobile phones 24hrs a day which I fear is going to get even worse now they are fitting WIFI in cars,

ignoring one way street signs,

thinking a space-saver wheel is as good as a regular wheel.

Essentially forgetting you have a responsibility to yourself and those around you.


Cars keep evolving but drivers seem to be going in the opposite direction.




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Space savers? They're a thing of the past now too. All you usually get nowadays is a can of tyre foam that you empty into the flat tyre so you can "limp" to a garage. It's a fucking disgrace.


Tell me about it.  I had a blow out just North of Dundee on my way down to watch the dons there.  I was so glad I had a 12v compressor and some foam to fix my completely shredded rear tyre  ::)


The thing is the space for the spare wheel is there, they just choose not to give you one.  The breakdown lad said 80% of his day is running people back and forth to kwik-fit to get new tyres as no cars have spares these days.

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