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This is the modern world


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Okay, so I'm getting on a bit.

But can anyone tell me why people totally ignore the facts when dealing with certain subjects.


I don't go in for the cult of celebrity much but this story caught my eye today.


Which of these lads is the father of this girl do you think.











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If he adopted her when she was one day old and brought her up, is he not entitled to call himself her father?


If a non-interracial couple have a kid using an anonymous sperm donor, does the male in the relationship have to forfeit the use of the word "father"?


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Could easily be resolved by a simple DNA test. I'd imagine there is plenty hair from his 70s Afro kicking around to do the necessary but if not any of his brothers could provide a sample and the familial link could be proved that way. Yet she chooses not to silence the doubters....


If the pervert had still been alive today I suspect he would be about 3 or 4 years into a 30 year stretch.


I want to hate him. However Off the Wall and Thriller were massive in the soundtrack of my teenage life.

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