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Midweek WYOWYN

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Scouse I'll give you.


Wouldn't mind a bit o' stuff with a brummie accent though.


It's like Welsh, sounds bloody awful from a bloke but nice and sexy from a woman.


Sexiest ever though is a good old west country drrraaaawwwlll.


Give me a Taunton lass anyday.



Internationally it has to be French.

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Gascoigne was only her stepfather but she clings on to his name and fame like a stubborn dangleberry.


Accent isnt Cockney but Home Counties chavvish.


Id probably have a wee shottie at her but knowing her stepfaither is a flute tootin hun i suspect the old tallywhacker would remain firmly floppy


And then find myself in a red top the following week having been the victim of a kiss and tell  "Ten Caat's droopy stroopy angers Gazza's whiney quiney"

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I've lost 5 since yesterday.


Probably for daring to suggest that a blonde haired blue eyed girl is unlikely to be Michael Jacksons daughter.





I see you're back down to 13 again.



That's me down another 8

I see your down another 3




Aye I'm doon 6 I think stop theif. :dunno:

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I'm stuck on unlucky 13 I know I'm not funny but surely I deserve one for beings pervert . :dunno:


:rofl:  :rofl:


How u went from 13 to 8?


Either folk dont like beggars or who have u upset in the politics somewhere?


DD on other hand what U been up too?  :rofl:


DD and Buc go for a coffee and its all over.


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Was going bring a few posters up that I'd met you Beng one Malaga but my stunning daughter came in ..


I'm on!Y saying she's stunning cos she looks like her da.. :hammer:


Then you have no choice but to make your daughter the next WYOWYN four our perusal


You know the rules...

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Aye, ye'd need to.


But I'd be tempted to dee some right repugnant shit to her, just cos o' her Step-Da.


The one whose name she couldnae adopt quick enough to aid her quest for Z-list celeb status and clings to like a limpet now he's no-where near her life because it is, by some considerable distance, the most interesting thing about her.

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