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Scottish Premiership:

Celtic v Aberdeen

Stand Free!

DonsTalk Player Of The Year


Who is your AFC player of the year?  

  1. 1. Who is your AFC player of the year?

    • Jamie Langfield
    • Michael Hart
    • Russell Anderson
    • Andrew Considine
    • Richard Foster
    • Barry Nicholson
    • Scott Severin
    • Chris Clark
    • Gary Dempsey
    • Steve Lovell
    • Darren Mackie
    • Lee Miller
    • Craig Brewster
    • Karim Touzani
    • Jamie Smith

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Yep I've gone for Hart as well, been outstanding all season, but seens to do it in an almost an un noticed sort of way, if you understand what I mean. anderson has also had a good season, but to be honest as others have said its almost what you've come to expect from him.

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Obviously went for super Michael, but in all honesty I think he has been Aberdeens most consistant performer this season.


Its a pity that dumpling JC didnt start the season with Bazza Nicholson on the right of midfield as I think he has been superb and a fantastic player since being played in a position he is comfortable playing!!!! Radical I know but do you think it might just catch on and light up a wee bulb in JC's head when it comes to team selections and tactics for future????

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Anderson for me too ! He never puts a foot wrong and IF he does he makes sure that he gets back and makes up for any errors

Hart would be a close 2nd tho as has been one of 2 vastly improved players this season along with *ducks for cover* Ricky Foster

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Guest baconman

Hart deserves it. Hes really put in a shift this year and that will only help his confidence grow.


Anderson another solid season and i think we should enjoy it as it could be his last as an AFC player............... :-[

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Guest mattyfraser1

i think the best player we have had this season is chris clark, hes been going about his business without any praise, hes played well and only missed one game the whole season you have to be playin well if thats all u missed but its a close call between him and anderson who was a rock at the back for us the whole season ONCE AGEIN

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