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Bayern ticket details


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Guest Shabba Ranks

TWENTY EIGHT QUID?!?!?!?!? Hope we get a free bovril for that sort of dough!


Nope, but what you will get is Aberdeen playing in the last 32 of the UEFA cup against a true European giant.  Money well spent methinks  :thumbsup:

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On a more serious point, I personally reckon its going to be easier for me to get a ticket for the away leg of this tie than it is for the home one ::)


I agree, even tho i've been to all but 2 home games this season, and taken in 6 away games, where we've shipped 14 goals and scored 4!


But don't worry, i'll be there  ::)

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I'm convinced that it ain't going to be difficult to get a ticket for the away leg.

Just dinnae sense that there is anything like the numbers likely to go that did to Madrid.

AFC have got time on their sides here, and could make it really easy, by asking for a non refundable deposit of say twenty notes for away tickets from supporters, thereby knowing exactly how many tickets we'll need in advance from Bayern.


Is that far too straight forward and simple for us ?

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