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Wednesday 29th May 2024

Scottish League Cup Group Stage Draw - 1pm

🔴⚪️ Come on you Reds! ⚪🔴

AFC v Staggies


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Still no explanation as to what it was all about ???


Great headers by Rooney and Goodwillie especially. Seems to be getting sharper with every game, quite interested to see how he didn't actually score a second. Positive result against the bottom side but hopefully it'll kick start our campaign. Livi next ....  :-\




Any match feedback tlg?  Sounded like a great performance all round.


- need to use a youtube unblocker to watch
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we had a few spells where we were very slick but a bag of flour could have been slick against the county defence, the rb in particular.  The big stand outs for me were Goodwillie and Taylor.  I'm starting to understand why DM is going with him over Rooney when playing one up front, he just brings a bit more invention to the play.  Some of his passes yesterday were really sharp and incisive and he works the channels far more than Rooney whilst still appearing in the box when he should be.  The two of them together was interesting to see but it remains to be seen how they get on against a team with a defence that can not only mark to a reasonable standard but also retain the ball in midfield.  I'm not convinced yet for that reason but there were hopeful signs there for sure. 

Nice to see Monokana, he got involved as best he could but didn't really have enough time to get going.  That said he showed he has an eye for a pass with the ball through to DG that resulted in him hitting the post.  I've been saying for years we need a bit more guile in the team and the pass and the run was encouraging from that POV. 

Pawlett had a good game, have to say I really prefer him out wide than behind the striker.  I love the way he trys to cut in and burst into the box, he's starting to get very proficient at making defenders very uneasy which can only bode well. 

Mcginn was a bit of an unsung hero, covered a lot of grass and his movement made space for others as well as two fantastic delivery's for the first 2 goals.  He's a good un

Hayes had a good game but it was hard to assess his defensive capabilities as little defending was necessary but it's a no brainer he should start there over Considine.  With the way that logan plays a more attacking capable lb brings a greater  balance to the side.

Taylor looked very composed and had Arquin in his pocket the whole game.  I'm starting to think he may be a real find.

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I'm still far from convinced on Taylor. Always looks like he's knackered 2 minutes into the game. Seems slow and nervous.


Agree re McGinn. I thought he put in a tremendous shift. Goodwillie is looking more and more useful every week. Time to get him signed up?  ;D Deal runs out at the end of the season.

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