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Sunday 23rd June 2024

Euro 2024 -  🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Scotland v 🇭🇺 Hungary

kick-off 8pm

Poor league season so far??

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maybe ayes, maybe naw:

Taken from aberdeen-puremental


Season 2006/07 after 15 games:


1 Celtic 15 +21 40

2 Aberdeen 15 +6 25

3 Hibernian 15 +12 22

4 Rangers 14 +6 22

5 Hearts 14 +6 22

6 Kilmarnock 15 -4 22

7 Inverness C 15 -3 19

8 Falkirk 15 -1 18

9 St. Mirren 15 -6 16

10 Dundee U 15 -14 14

11 Motherwell 15 -11 12

12 Dunfermline 15 -12 12



After 15 equivalent fixtures


This season 2007/08 (Last season 2006/07)


Dundee Utd (A) L 0-1 (L 1-3)

Hearts (H) D 1-1 (L 1-3)

Celtic (H) L 1-3 (L 0-1)

Hibernian (A) D 3-3 (D 1-1)

Kilmarnock (A) W 1-0 (L 0-1)

Motherwell (H) L 1-2 (W 2-1)

Rangers (A) L 0-3 (L 0-1)

Gretna (H) W 2-0 (Dunfermline (H) W 1-0)

St Mirren (H) W 4-0 (W 2-0)

Inverness CT (A) W 2-1 (D 1-1)

Falkirk (H) D 1-1 (W 2-1)

Dundee Utd (H) W 2-0 (W 3-1)

Hearts (A) L 1-4 (W 1-0)

Celtic (A) L 0-3 (L 0-1)

Hibernian (H) W 3-1 (W 2-1)



Points: 21

Goals For: 22

Goals Against: 23

Goal difference: -1



Points: 23

Goals For: 17

Goals Against: 16

Goal Difference +1


Another interesting stat:


By 2/12/2006 we had played 16 games in all competitions in season 06/07.

By 2/12/2007 we have played 22 games in all competitions in season 07/08.

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In my mind I would have said it was but facts don't lie.. so I'll go with OK so far.


The question that runs around in my mind is...


If we had managed to either (a) kept hold of anderson or (b) signed an experienced center back** would we have conceded the extra seven goals.. and would we have been further up the table because of it??


**In my opinion; Lee Mair aint quite up to scratch yet.


What is a must though is 6 points against killi and well before the rangers game on the 23rd.

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A lot of people seem to be saying the next 2 games we must pick up 6 points. Of course it would be nice but I'm not going to lose sleep, top myself or having knee jerk reactions baying for blood if we don't.


Killie are never a push over and 'Well seem to be doing good under McGhee so I'm more inclined to think 4 points would be decent, 6 points would be excellent.


If you look at the games after the Huns we've got Gretna, St Mirren, Caley and Falkirk.  That would be the ones I'd bank on picking up 3 points and those games could easily see us going on a nice little run.


I'd say United and 'Well (the 2 above us) would be lucky if they've got that good a fixture list after Xmas and I fully expect us to be up there even if we don't pick up 6 points in the next 2 games.



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I agree. I think Motherwell will be particularly tricky and I believe they are a better off up front than us at the moment. Clarkson looks on fire from the weekends highlights and Porter and McCormack are having great seasons also. Killie should be less of a threat hopefully. I would take 4 points as well.

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I'll be dissappointed if we take anything less than 3 points against Killie next week, but you never know what might happen.


We created enough chances to beat Motherwell at Pittodrie if I remember correctly, so hopefully this time we'll do the same but turn those chances into goals.

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Defence was always going to suffer losing big russ and having soapy in goals the first few games didnt help either. Europe is also a distraction for any club whos not in it every season. For me the jury is still out on our strike pair of miller and( contreversial i know) lovell.

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