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Sunday 23rd June 2024

Euro 2024 -  🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Scotland v 🇭🇺 Hungary

kick-off 8pm

Aberdeen v Hibs Match Thread

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just saw the game. was genuinely worried bout match today but a great performance which we prob should have scored more. if they hadny scored that counter attacking goal we would have taken four or five off them.

really good performance. sevvy started on the bench might make him think!

actually thought we lost our way for a bit when jc took touzani and maguire off. thought maguire and miller linked up well although both their shooting ability today was dreadful. hitting shots from anywhere and it ending up anywhere.


touzani not as noticeable today but thats more down to the fact we were attacking whereas against madrid it was more off a defensive job.

thought clark had a good match today, very luck at his goal right enough!

good result lads!!

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aye miller was trying his best to get on scoresheet, he was shooting from everywhere!!

just listened to interview on bbc there as well. calderwood saying that touzani only got brought off cos he was already booked and had been warned by ref again so didnt want to take any risks.

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I predicted 3-1 and I was right


If we bother to turn up/play the right team there are not many that will match us in the SPL, particularly at pittodrie.  Hibs in particular have not really impressed at all anytime I have seen them this year and I fully expect them to nose dive any time soon.


United will win more than they lose but we should make ground on them, while hearts will always go from a draw with gretna to a draw with celtic.


Strangely enough it may be 'well that cause us the most problems and the game in a fortnight could be a cracker and will be crucial to us challenging for top4 come 2008.


Have to say, although on paper I disagreed with some of todays selections (and I speak as someone who saw none of the game) a big well done for giving Touzani a start.  I'll be a little disappointed if seve comes straight back in next week, but if he does hopefully it will have been the required rocket up the arse and he starts performing like an afc captain and not some workshy waster

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Great performance today, I thought we were immense. Setanta  said we had 26 shots to Hibs 6, pretty impressive although disappointing we didn't score more when we had complete control of the game. Some great performances by everyone, despite their crazy attempts of goal Miller and Maguire played well, Nicholson played well, Touzani, Clark, Hart, Foster, Young. Delighted Seve was on the bench as we showed that he is not the be all and end all of our team, although when he came on you could see he was desperate to score.


Good result to get our confidence back up anyway, hope to see more of the same next week.


Who got MOM btw?

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Didn't see the game only had Radio Scotland commentary, so shouldn't really comment upon the shooting policy, but have to be honest and say it has long annoyed me our inability to get shots in on goal, so ain't really going to knock if it if thats the policy we adopted today.


As I said earlier, sounds like one of our better performances in the league this season, and kind of strange how like the other one that springs to mind we had a number of supposed first team picks missing again  ;)

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i thot clarky got announced as match sponsor at pittodrie but on bbc it said lee miller.

no complaints about either in my opinion.

miller and maguire linked up very well, could be an interesting partnership although it prob wont get the chance to develop.


also sevvy did look desperate to score when he came on. had a couple of chances and should have been played in by miller who took on a stupid shot when he should have laid the ball in for sevvy.


think it should be pretty much same team that starts next week, hopefully with zander coming in for mair.

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I think Clark gave an exemplary display in how to react after being dropped and deserved his "goal", no matter how bad the deflection was. When Seve came on, his first thought was always to either shoot or play that maddening first time chipped pass down either wing. Thought we lost our way a bit (and a bit of possession) when he came on. But that could in part be down to tiredness. Touzani allowed Barry to play a bit higher up the pitch. Also, good to see Maguire up front. Miller needs a partner for him to be more effective for us, and i think they showed signs that they could do well together.


Incidentally, surely Byrne and Diamond should be given a run at centre back together? Mair's very shaky imo. If Byrne just has to defend and get rid of the ball, he could be better than he is as a full back.

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That's too very competent games in a row for Byrne. I've always said I have seen something in him that I like whilst I do admit he's had many a shocker along the way. Hopefully he can put a run of games together now though.


On another note, Hibs were rank today. They didn't shut us down at all, which was odd. Regardless, we played well as a team.

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I was surprised at how often Hibs lost the ball tbh, in the sense that there was an awful lot of really simply passes that they managed to screw up. Hopefully this'll give us a boost to go on a wee run.


Ridiculous comment, they played some of the best football I have ever seen. Better even than Brazilian World Cup winning team of 1970.


Pele? Fletcher has shit him!


And we beat the fuck out of them :thumbsup:


I listened to the match preview on 5Live and you'd have thought we were playing Real this time. It went something like "The ever impressive, superb young Hibs team managed by the equally impressive John Collins take on Aberdeen"

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