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Brighton Fan here... How do you rate our new signing David Gonzalez?

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I presume you have been linked to Gonzalez. Well he is rotten and happy he has gone.


As for McGhee, he burned a lot of bridges from his time as a player  but I hope he can learn the lessons and do ok at Bristol.


I'd guess they'd signed him according to the thread title ;)


I never managed to see him live this season, but from what I guess he didn't seem to instil a sense of composure / confidence in the defence.


Re: McGhee, terrible manager and I was glad he went. What he did as a player and a manger cannot be confused, he was a cunt of a manager from even before he signed. His article in the paper not so long ago, despite probably mentioning a few truths about AFC, showed his bitterness. I hope he learns from his mistakes and is a success at BRFC.

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Brighton have signed Gonzalez until the end of the season.


First couple of times I saw Gonzalez I thought he looked a fairly competent keeper, but he seemed to go down hill from then on, this despite in the view of our manager when we were about twelve games into the season (lost most of them) that Gonzalez hadn't had a save to make ::)


Given the news I've just heard on SSN, I'd have thought you boys in Brighton might just have a bigger talking point than Gonzalez right now.


And lastly McGhee, a playing legend, but a managerial total twenty four carot gold cunt that only came here because Celtic didn't want him.

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