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Musical chairs in the boardroom

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In the wake of the appointments of Colin Welsh and Ian Jack to the Pittodrie board, Aberdeen Football Club Chief Executive Duncan Fraser has revealed details of a change in strategic direction at the top approved by the Board of Directors.


In addition to the main board, four sub groups have been formed, each focusing on a key aspect of the Club namely football, headed by Hugh Little, funding, led by Colin Welsh, operations, fronted by Ian Jack, and stadium delivery, led by Stewart Milne.


Duncan outlines how the new system will operate. "In addition to the many challenges facing the game at present, we also have the task of delivering the new stadium and associated facilities within a fairly tight timescale and this new approach will allow a concentration by all board members, who are all involved in at least one sub group, in the areas in which they specialise.


"As Chief Executive, I will sit on all four sub groups to ensure a co-ordinated approach and other senior staff members, including the football management team, will also have input, as will third party secondments, where appropriate, to bring as much experience and expertise to the process as possible.


"When I was appointed Chief Executive in August of last year, a strategic review of all aspects of the Club was one of my top priorities and, as it was important to receive input from everyone on the board, including our new recruits, it was important to take the necessary time prior to implementing change. The response of my colleagues has been extremely encouraging and the board members are unanimous in buying in to this new direction.


"As well as enabling the directors to employ a more 'hands-on' attitude, I am sure this new approach will inject a dynamism that will be crucial in such a challenging environment. Everyone involved in the sub groups, as well as the staff and supporters, will see the benefits of the new approach in the coming months."


To assist in keeping the fans updated with current and future developments, a series of AFC road-shows throughout the country is being organised.


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Was Welsh not the guy who was supposed to be improving the relationship with the fans?  And he's now moved on to something else... he must have done an amazing job...


Looking back wiggy said that would be Ian Jacks job - Welsh was to find new revenue streams.

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BSKYB has hired a prominent Scottish businessman and a top investment banker to the ranks of the satellite broadcaster’s non-executive directors.


James Murdoch, BSkyB’s chairman, said yesterday that Martin Gilbert, founder and chief executive of Aberdeen Asset Management, and Matthieu Pigasse, chief executive of Lazard France and vice-chairman of Lazard Europe, would “bring wide ranging expertise”.


Murdoch said they both had substantial experience of UK public companies.


Gilbert is also chairman of FirstGroup, the Aberdeen[!]8209;based transport business that is Britain’s biggest bus operator. He was recently appointed as adjunct professor of finance at London Imperial College’s Tanaka Business School.


The two men are expected to be appointed at the BSkyB AGM on 29 November, when Allan Leighton and David Evans will retire from the board.

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