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Union Terrace Gardens Vote

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4, 5 and 6 look to be the least intrusive and offensive.

1 looks fucking horrific, 2 is a shit picture so can't judge and 3 looks a bit shit.

Of course none of this expensive waste of time needs to be done, far cheaper to let Peacock do their thing and do up the arches a bit and spend the other milions of something more worthwhile like, re-opening Bon Accord Baths, 50m swimming pool, doing up Union Street, sorting out the fucking mess that is the road infrastructure or bunging it to afc for debt consolidation.



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2, 4 or 6 for me.


5 maybe, looks a little like the Oslo Opera House up the back there but I can't really make out what's going on. 


1 won't look anything like the design.  For starters it will be grey instead of white and there'll be 6' high railings all over the shop to stop folk killing themselves and each other.  It'll end up looking like motorway flyovers on spaghetti junction.


I'll go for 4 so I'm not sitting on the 6' fence.  Looks like it's nice and open, slopes around and links nicely into the various levels of the streets in and around the gardens.  Couple beer gardens at the back of Belmont wouldn't go a miss though.

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My initial reaction was 5 but I do quite like numbers 2 and 6 as well. Number 1 looks like Mounthooly roundabout.


The problem with putting grass down is that it will be waterlogged and therefore uninhabitable for 8 months of the year and covered in dogshite and glass for the rest.


The artists impressions miss out the undead that will inhabit these places in evenings.


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They're shite and no better than what we have. At a tiny fraction of the cost we could clear the junkies and drunks out it and it'd be fine. Waste of fucking money.


I'd choose the first one if I thought for a second it might actually look like that. The paths will be grey after a very short while (if they're even white in the first place) and as someone else said they're going to need railings. Which aren't pictured. So to me it doesn't seem like that (or any other of the designs for all I know) are being portrayed accurately.


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An overwhelming majority have voted to leave Union Terrace Gardens in its current state in a poll run by STV Local Aberdeen City.


Voters were given the chance to choose their preferred design from the six City Garden Project finalists, but it was a seventh option to preserve the gardens which received the vast majority of votes.


The option to maintain the gardens was the runaway favourite with 858 votes (74%).


Around 8000 people have visited a public exhibition showcasing six possible designs for the £140m City Garden Project since it opened to the general public last Wednesday.


Over 1100 took part in the STV poll with team four’s design finishing top of the six designs with 137 votes (12%). Team six was the next most popular with 67 votes.


Team two’s design, which includes a winter gardens as its main feature, has been a popular choice amongst those attending the exhibition but only received 35 votes in the poll.


Team five's plan was bottom of the pile with only ten votes. The full results of the poll are available on the STV Local Aberdeen Facebook page.


The City Garden Project exhibition, which is being held in the former Pier building at the Academy on Belmont Street, is open until November 2.


Aberdonian William Burnett, 75, was amongst those at the exhibition on Wednesday morning.


He said: "Number five is my preference as I like the way it utilises the arches. It is a simple design but very attractive. However, I would be quite happy if Union Terrace Gardens was just spruced up a little."


Harry Fyfe was full of praise for team two’s design, saying: "I really like the winter gardens feature. The real problem with Union Terrace Gardens at the moment is the lack of access for wheelchair users. The access to the park in design two would be much better."


Teresa Dossett, 46, said: "Design four is my favourite as it links to the buildings on Belmont Street well. Something needs to be done to make the gardens safer and number four looks lovely, although I was also impressed by team two’s design."


Meanwhile, primary 3 pupils from Gilcomstoun Primary School planted 2400 spring bulbs in Union Terrace Gardens on Wednesday morning with the help of their teacher Jennifer Winton and head gardener Ian Griffiths.


Mrs Winton said the pupils thoroughly enjoyed their trip to the gardens. She added: “With it being right on our doorstep it is a fantastic facility for the children to come down and play in.


“More and more children are living in flats and there are fewer play areas so it’s really important for them.”

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People always hate change, but I'm staggered at how many on this occasion.


On a slight tangent.... I saw a picture of some building that's going in round the region of The Adelphi.  Can't remember the name of it, City Gate or some such pish.  If you were standing down market street by the harbour you could see it sticking out over the granite by quite some distance.  Sore thumb-esque.  In fact it looked a lot like the council one that should have been knocked down the minute it was put up, and still hasn't been.  Think it was some sort of office space as well.


That said, I'm all for changing the gardens.

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