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The blame culture....

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Capitalism - Everything must be run to make money. Breaking even or making a small loss is not an option and if you see a rival doing better than you then you must spend more money until 'oh fuck there isnt any left...better cut back on things to make sure the people at the top are ok'


Take anything in society that had some sort of socialist aspect and was well known for never making a profit but people got on with it and you will find capitalism will eventually make it worse.


As Ruskin said


“There is hardly anything in the world that some man cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper, and the people who consider price only are this man's lawful prey.”

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Blame is only attributable where there is a problem.


The board have identified that there is one significant problem above all others.


As we can expect from our board, a collective of very clever and honourable people, they get it right.


Poor attendances are killing the club. The board can't afford better quality without a decent revenue stream.


It's quite obviously the fans fault. They don't attend. The board worked it out. They're right. As always.

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