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Retro Dons tops

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  • 4 years later...

Giving this a wee bump as there's a nice wee selection of kits available from the 90s here:




£40 for the infamous Northsound away kit. Bargain. ;)


I was hoping for one of the adidas kits from the early 80s but appreciate that they'll be harder to get.


Anyone else know of decent (and trustworthy) sites for buying retro tops? I also found:




Does anyone still have a 90s top? I take it they fit looser than modern shirts?


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  • 3 weeks later...

At the cup game at Tynecastle I noticed a guy wearing one of the old Aberdeen JVC strips, and was impressed by how well he's kept it in condition as it looked brand new.


Then a few minutes later I looked along the stand and saw another person wearing it, and again realised it looked brand new. Thought that was odd as you'd expect the sponsor at least to be cracked or faded after 25 years. Then noticed it didn't have the squares on it, you know the different shades of red it had.


So, can only conclude that someone has just had a version of that strip made and are flogging them. Would love to know where to buy them (wish I'd bumped into either of the two guys again to ask at the time).


There are also retro Aberdeen bucket hats on sale on eBay. Would look great if they made a revival again. Just a shame there's no Hampden this year.

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