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SFA Performance Awards Scheme

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The Scottish FA has launched its £500,000 Performance Awards Scheme (PAS) to encourage senior clubs to promote elite youth player development while providing substantial revenue increases.


The scheme, which began at the weekend, is an integral part of the new performance strategy, Scotland United, and will reward clubs who invest in youth development by providing unprecedented payments for the playing of Scottish under-21 players in starting line-ups in the Scottish Premier League and Scottish Football Leagues.


SPL clubs who select two Scottish under-21 players in their starting line-up in any competitive match will receive £750 from the Scottish FA, and £1000 for selecting three or more Scottish under-21 players per match.


SFL clubs will also benefit from the performance-driven scheme, with £75 and £100 rewards payable under the same terms.


The move is the latest in a series of initiatives under the Scotland United banner. The Scottish FA is committed to improving standards throughout the national game as part of its strategic plan, through its four strategic pillars: planning to win, achieving strong quality growth in the game, achieving better financial returns and being trusted and respected to lead.


Stewart Regan, Scottish FA chief executive: “This Performance Awards Scheme is about the long-term development of talented young Scottish players and will provide an incentive to SPL and SFL clubs to give these players an extended run in the first team.


“The announcement is part of our long-term performance strategy, with the aim of improving the overall standard of football in the country and, ultimately, restoring the Scotland national teams to major championship finals.”


Neil Doncaster, Chief Executive of the SPL said: “The SPL welcomes the introduction of the Scottish FA’s Performance Awards Scheme. SPL clubs already do a lot of good work in this area and incentivising clubs to further develop young Scottish talent can only be a good thing for Scottish football.”



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Got to be good for the Scottish game. Hell of a lot better idea than the previous SPL rule where you had to have a minimum of two U21s in the match squad - which sucked cos the Old Firm just popped these two kids on the bench and never played them


It made Football Manager shite as well. ;)

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