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Paton and Diamond warned over facebook comments

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Read more: http://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/scotsol/homepage/news/3345706/Footy-stars-rapped-for-Pope-net-rants.html#ixzz1AoDAjOZk


Zander Diamond, 25 and Michael Paton, 21, became the first players to be disciplined by the SFA over remarks on personal web pages. The shamefaced pair had earlier apologised for their Facebook comments - which included a threat to run over Protestants in the Popemobile. It is believed both were sent letters warning they faced serious action if they ever repeat the behaviour. We told yesterday how SFA chief executive Stewart Regan told all senior players they face fines or suspension if they abuse refs online.


Last night a source said: "Diamond and Paton were censured.


"It's a warning shot to footballers to watch what they are doing on social networking sites."


The Dons pair blundered during the Pope's Scots visit last September. Striker Paton posted on Facebook about Benedict XVI's Glasgow Mass: "Wee man in glasgow runnin the show."


Defender Diamond replied: "Running oer prods in his popemobile."


Paton added: "Gees a shot o at popemobile . . . sort out these prodies."


He then responded to a remark about the Pope with "ftq" - initials for a sick insult to the Queen.


A Dons spokesman confirmed the pair had been dealt with by the SFA He added: "We've tightened our social networking policy for all staff."


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This has nothing to do with football. 

If AFC feel it brings the business into disrepute, as for any company, it is reasonable to censure them I suppose.  It has fuck all to do with the SFA however.  If only they put as much effort in noting the party songs coming from the stands every time the scum(x2) visit.

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Paton and Diamond should be fired by the club on principle.


Its like Angus Deyton on HIGNFY - once he got busted for coke and prozzies his position was untenable given the nature of the show he hosted. It would have been hypocritical for him to have stayed and its the same with us. AFC has to be tink free - and be seen to be tink free. Any tinks that have slipped in under the radar should be dumped.


That means Maguire has to go too 'cos hes a right tink.


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