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Do you like going to away matches in the SPL?

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I am keen to find out more about being an away fan in the SPL. It is important that I get plenty of Aberdeen fans involved, to balance out those from the other teams. So please have a read, and make sure your club is well-represented! :)


As part of my university work, I am currently working with the SPL to do some research about fans attending away games. As part of this, I am keen to get the perspective of a broad range of fans from all the clubs across the league. If you would like to take the opportunity to fill out an anonymous survey, taking just a few minutes, then you can help the SPL improve the experience of being an away fan.


Please go to the following link: http://tinyurl.com/35l34rc


Thank you very much for taking the time.

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Bit of a tricky one as the reasons for enjoying an away game have very little to do with things like catering, views, facilities etc for me. I put UTD as I love a quick splash in the train to Dundee, a good few beers in a local bar packed with Dons fans, a sing song, a good bounce in the shed. In all honesty the access to the stadium is awful, the pies run out at about 3:10, the toilets are a disgrace, the stewards are utter cunts and you have to walk for fucking hours to get back to the train, but I love it.

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What program you using to do your stats? If you are getting so many variables I would suggest using SPSS rather than minitab etc


It is probably going to be Excel as I have a lot of experience of handling a lot of data in that - plus the survey is designed to create a manageable Excel output file.


Thanks very much to everyone for taking the survey so far, there is less than 24 hours left to get involved - so please pass the survey on to anyone else who may be interested ahead of 12noon tomorrow!  Cheers! :)

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