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After asking my mum to get the kids some aberdeen stuff as part of their christmas, I recieved a phonecall. It went, " I'm on the website, but I have to open an account to buy anything, I'm no daen it, you'll have to go in when you're in Aberdeen next week. "

I then had a look at the site, FFS aberdeen, do you want to sell stuff or not. Not everyone using the shop wants to register. All you need is card details and delivery adress, that's all. Then not only fans, but relatives can happily browse and pay !! piss easy !

I know it's one of my favoured rants but the shop is it's own worst enemy.n :hammer:

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Do you know many on line retailers who don't make you register before you buy stuff? I can't think of any. Don't really see what the problem is.


This= right answer



Just about to post exactly the same GS - fuck I have had to register online at some of the weirdest sites - what a fuss about nothing


I bet you have  ;)

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Damn the club for keeping your contact details so they can contact you about special offers etc.


Damn them!!

you dont have to register with a site for them to be able to do that.  Surely you will have a postal address to get things sent to if your buying something

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There's a few sites allow a "buy now" that I've used without registering - but most require registration.


But since yer maw winna do it redordead... check dis out!!!




No doubt there'll be something for someone to moan about with this anna though  ::)




I'm working at 6pm - don't they have any consideration for me?



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