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Striker Situation

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We now have:









Could also possibly include Aluko with them.  Is someone going to be told they can leave as we're possibly over furnished with forwards now?  Or will players go out on loan? Megginsson? Paton?


I wouldn't like to see Paton put out on loan again but could understand Megginsson going for the first part of the season at least. 


I also reckon this is the make or break season for Maguire. Been on loan and did ok but really has to start delivering for us now.


Will Mackie be moved on or is it possible that McGhee now sees him as a wide midfielder?


Who do you think will be the preferred front line next season?


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Real possibility of Mackie being a covering wide right as Pawlett might not be fully fit any time soon and agree with the fact that the assessment on Magennis as being "raw" and probably not considered a starter.


Think we've got a good number of players for that role not but it's all meaningless if none of them are hitting the net.

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‘Aberdeen FC don’t need seven strikers’

Battle at Brighton for places in strikeforce


By Charlie Allan with Aberdeen FC in England :wave:


Published: 30/07/2010


HOW they perform at Brighton tomorrow will help to decide which of Aberdeen FC’s seven strikers survives at the club into the new season.


Manager Mark McGhee heads back to the most favoured of the previous clubs he has managed, hoping to see a reaction from his front men to the threat he is considering loan deals to reduce their numbers.


The older of the seven, Scott Vernon, is safe. McGhee admitted he will be his first pick of the five Aberdeen FC forwards he plans to retain.


The other six – Darren Mackie, Chris Maguire, Michael Paton, Mitch Megginson, Josh Magennis and trialist Jim Collins – are now in a shoot-out to claim the remaining four slots in McGhee’s squad for the new campaign.

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Any quotes in the full version?


In McGhees preferred 4-3-3/4-5-1 formation you have Vernon, Magennis and Mackie who can play at the "lone" striker and then you have Maguire, Paton, Megginson, Aluko and Pawlett who can play in the wide positions.


Looking at that you would think Mackie is the one who will be used least, but his experience and versitility might save him and see one of the younger ones go out on loan. I'm not a fan of Maguire at all and would like to see him go out again. Paton has shown he can do a job for us already and Megginson has been impressive in pre-season so I would like to see him given a chance in our first team this season. I can't see Magennis going out on loan having just come in and it would leave us with no "target man" cover if Vernon was out injured/suspended.

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Vernon still getting touted as being a guaranteed start when the season begin...


Aberdeen FC strikers still have a lot to prove

McGhee undecided on front men


Published: 04/08/2010


MARK McGhee today admitted he is still unsure who will start the season up front against Hamilton.


The Aberdeen FC boss claimed Scott Vernon is all but certain of a place in his team for the their opening SPL game on August 14.


But Josh Magennis, Darren Mackie, Chris Maguire, Michael Paton and Mitch Megginson are fighting it out for the other striking spot.

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