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Sunday 3rd December 2023, kick-off 3pm

Scottish Premiership - Hibernian v Aberdeen

Stand Free!

Late edition of the EE

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Beko make better washing machines funster.


There was actually a rumour floating around that a few players were up for sale including Miller because the money was gone, came from the 50club.


Would assume that D. Young is being offered round in a desperate attempt to get rid. The first club to offer half a handful of magic beans will be very dissapointed with their purchase.

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Yes, the picture refers to home laundry equipment. ::)

As thick as two planks then?  If I am honest I know I've lost some weight but still got quite abit to go to get to the thickness of two planks, at the moment I'd say i am around 5.
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Guest Nellie The Don

Supposedly a bid has been tabled for Miller.  Also heard that Aluko has already put in a transfer request.  :-\


I wouldn't worry to much about this.


He brought them in and it may be nothing more than registering a protest as a thankyou/show of support to Calderwood.


I'm sure they would probably wait to see how they get on with whoever comes in.

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haha, a name that has hitherto slipped under the radar! Would his appointment be too disastrous?


Having spent the last 3 minutes reading up on his entire career I think he'd be a rather 'safe' but not very inspiring choice.


It's a no from me.

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To me this sounds like players are playing for JC and not Aberdeen FC.

If thats the case they can fuck off!


What do you expect? Sone growing up in London dreaming of one day pulling on the Dons shirt? We have players like that (Mackie, Duff) and look how they're treated?


How would you feel if you get poached from your job to a new one, and then the manager who gave you the job gets sacked cause a few idiots complained? Wouldn't you want to leave?

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If they want to go and someone's willing to pay for them, then cheerio lads, don't let the door hit your arse on the way out. Surely we only want players who will be committed and if this is how Miller and Aluko feel then we can do without them.


Nothing wrong with being loyal to your manager but as others have said, I'd doubt they'd leave before someone else comes in, unless they know who it is and don't fancy it, which is unlikely.


That said, someone coughs a good price for either of them and it is a reluctant  :wave:

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