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Sunday 3rd December 2023, kick-off 3pm

Scottish Premiership - Hibernian v Aberdeen

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Fan's pie and Bovril price fury

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From the BBC:




Football clubs across Scotland have been accused of fleecing fans - by failing to make sure the VAT has been cut on the pies, Bovril and hotdogs sold at their grounds.


On 1 December last year, VAT was reduced from 17.5% to 15% to help people through the economic downturn and encourage them to spend more.


Andy Walker  :wave:, a 58-year-old Celtic supporter from Dundee, got in touch with BBC Scotland to complain that the price of hot food at every ground he has visited had not changed.


He wants clubs and caterers to pass on the reductions.


Mr Walker said: "From the start of the season right to the present day prices have remained the same.


"On a £3 item, for example a hotdog, I should've been saving six pence. Now if you multiply that by say 2,000 people buying hot food, ie Bovril, pies, hotdogs, cheeseburgers etc, thousands of pounds extra are being charged and the customer is not getting any benefit.



Food costs at the time of the VAT change were increasing by an average of 11.5%


Lindley Group caterers

"I feel that for the football supporter who pays for season tickets and everything the VAT reduction should've been made.


"Everything was supposed to have been cheaper and it's not happened - so why is the football supporter being fleeced?"


Over the last couple of years, Mr Walker has been taking photos of football food prices to show how high the charges are.


"You're a captive audience, as soon as you go in there you are paying the premium price," he said.


Really rankles


"I could go into a shop and buy 100 teabags for a pound, so that's a penny a teabag, and yet it's £1.70 for a cup of tea, so it makes you wonder.


"Football to me is an industry the same as any other industry and if there's a reduction in prices it should be passed on.


"I know it's only pennies, but multiply that by thousands and that's what really rankles with me."


A spokesman for Aberdeen FC said they were always looking at prices but the VAT reduction was very small.


He added that the decrease had been introduced mid-season, which made it difficult to change prices.



Andy Walker believes football fans are losing out on thousands of pounds

VAT is also due to rise again at the end of the year, meaning the tax changes are difficult to administer, he explained.


Rangers confirmed that prices at their food outlets had not been reduced, but they have taken 50p off ticket prices because of the VAT cut.


Celtic and Dundee United said it was a matter for their caterers, the Lindley Group, who also provide food services at several other football grounds.


A statement from the firm said: "The escalation in food prices resulting from higher commodity prices has been well documented and publicised.


"Food costs at the time of the VAT change were increasing by an average of 11.5% and in order to manage some of these price increases, we took the decision to offset the 2.5% VAT reduction against these higher costs, which enabled us to provide stable pricing for the season."



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A large %age of retailers have pretty much ignored the VAT reduction. Pie sellers are not unique in this. The VAT was not really reduced to allow the consumer to save 6p on their pie pruchase it was done by government to knock approx 2.2% off inflation overnight and provide the BoE with some much needed breathing space to reduce interest rates by large amounts. This guy is an idiot with his head rammed up his own arse trying to see if there is any sunlight.

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