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Scottish League Cup

Sunday 10 July 2022 - kick-off 3pm

Peterhead v Aberdeen

Stand Free!

Great news...


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........for Derek Young.




DEREK Young is set to become the next Aberdeen FC player to sign a new contract at Pittodrie.


Midfielder Young, 28, still has to agree on some minor personal terms but today confirmed he will pen a new deal with Aberdeen FC


It is understood Young, who began his career at Pittodrie before having a spell at Dunfermline, will pen a one-year deal.


Young said: “Aberdeen have offered me a contract. There will be no other outcome other than me signing it.


“I will be at Aberdeen next season, it is a case of sorting out some minor things.â€



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When was his last decent game? Granted he's not been as shit as I feared since he came back but we should have got someone of a better calibre than him in in the transfer window. He's been poor all season and I don't buy this "he's a good squad player pish" anymore. I thought he was ok last season, but he's been poor all season so far.

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I think that is the best thing you can say about him, saying that, at times he has been that shit.


Indeed, I tried to be as positive as I could about this news. The second bit is what I was alluding to though couldn't state it as fact as I haven't been to many games this season. Just the ones I have been to/seen, I don't recall him having any positive impact at all. A one year deal is still a fantastic deal for him. Since no-one else wanted him before he came to us, i'm not surprised he will do nothing but sign it and he knows it.

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Cult zeros, get it ordered!



How about  "If Carlsberg DIDN'T do transfer deals..."


I'm hoping the Pittodrie their referring to in the article is the Pitodrie Bar's sunday league side (If they haven't got one I'm hoping they're thinking of starting one for next season).

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