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Friday 14th June 2024

Euro 2024 - 🇩🇪 Germany v 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Scotland - kick-off 8pm

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There is no doubt that teams would suffer initially if the bigot brothers left, but over a period of time, a really competitive league would start to flourish again.


It would be competative but also shit as all the money would follow the old firm and the decent players would follow the money.

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It all depends on the outcome of the old firm going.


If a league without the infirm still allows us to nominate Champions League side(s) and Europa League places, then the quality would not diminish at all - we'd be without the two "best" sides just now, but with the rest of the teams in with a shout of silverware, I think the quality would actually improve as players would be queueing up to join us.


It's got nothing to do with money, look at Aluko, begged Calderwood to rescue him from Blackpool, this lad Vidal, they WANT to play for a side in with a shout of Europe. Aluko (and Walker) know what it's like to play Bayern, because of the Dons. Without the OF we are title contenders, Champions League qualifiers, or Europa League qualifiers. They don't care about the money, they want to play top euro sides, and they see playing for the likes of AFC as a way of doing it (with or without the ugly sisters)


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Guest Nellie The Don

This is a tricky one.


I hate the old firm with a fucking passion. All cultural, political and smell related reasons aside, they treat the rest of the SPL teams like shit with their bollocks about ticket and TV money shares, their manipulation and monopolisation of the media and the way they go about scuttling clubs by force-buying up any talent to stop them playing against them then benching them indefinitely (or until they can punt them to wolves or somesuch for a bloated fee).


That said, I really think that, while we would be all the better off in pure footballing terms if they would just fuck off and die, I would really miss having these hate figures. Think how good it was to beat the smelly green tinks last weekend. Think about how it would be even better to give the huns a trashing.


In conclusion, I don't want to see them leave the SPL but financial collapse for the pair of them, followed by us getting to watch them squirm through decades of mid-table mediocrity would do me just fine.  :thumbsup:

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