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It is an offence, punishable by law..

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It is an offence, punishable by law, for any person to enter or attempt to enter the Ground whilst in the possession of a controlled container which is capable of holding liquid and which if thrown would be capable of causing injury to another person; or whilst in possession of alcohol; or whilst drunk; or whilst in possession of any article or substance whose main purpose is the emission of a flare for the purposes of illuminating or signalling or the emission of smoke or a visible gas; or whilst in possession of any article which is a firework. All persons entering the Ground may be searched by the police and any person who refuses to submit to a search will be refused entry to or ejected from the Ground.


Is this the most flagrantly flouted law in the world?


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I'm sure the vast majority of the "you can kill a welshman if you expose your nipple and kill him with a ice-penis" laws were repealed by Labour in their first term.


As for the UK copyright, I'm fairly sure that time-shifting is an exemption from a lot of the law, so as to make taping telly programs perfectly legal - you can't loan the tapes to anyone though.

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