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Happy 25th Anniversary...

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25 years ago today I was jumping up and down on my Mum & Dad's sofa (with their permission - it was a very special night of course !!)  as an excited 11 year old.  Tonight I will celebrate the 25th Anniversary with a large Bunnahabhain and savour my happy memories of the great night. A big thank you to Fergie and the team for probably the greatest night of my life ( I think it puts my wedding day and the birth of my daughter into pure insignificance !!!)


Oh happy days !


;D  :AFC2:  ;D

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Taken on the day of the final just outside the stadium i have some more but did not want to put up pics of people without there permission

would like to know who the other 2 are though anyone




That looks like Matthew Corbett on the left, is he looking for Sooty?

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