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Scottish Premiership:

Aberdeen v Livingston

Stand Free!

Despite all the negatives...

El Padre™

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I'll never forget this season. Dnipro was the most amazing away experience I've ever had from the piss up at 4 in the am to the bizzare prop plane that scared the living daylights out of me to the crazy hotel rooms with brown water and the amazing strip clubs, bus crashes and driving down stairs and finally celebrating Mackies goal. Munich was beautiful and we were the guests of one of the worlds best teams in one of the worlds most amazing stadiums, we've had three cup runs, made the top 6 again and probably had more highs and lows in one season that we've had in all the previous seasons since the two Jimmys took over.


Lets just get this season finished and look ahead to next season when hopefully all wounds will be healed and we can push for Europe in 09/10.


No negative replys in this thread please ya chunts.



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Afc are still the dogs bollocks.  :thumbsup:


Cant disagree with that. This post hads made a a bit happier after Saturday as its reminded that even though there has been utter shite in front of our eyes at times this season there is also a fair few positives and memories that will last till im 6 feet under

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Well next season will be about getting our heads down and focusing on our domestic competitions rather than luxury competitions like the UEFA cup so its all good!


You ever thought of a career in counciling the manically depressed ;)

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Guest bloo_toon_red

Dnipro was the most amazing away experience I've ever had


Memories are made of this.




That cnut owes me 50 dingbats for that fitba he nicked!

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Guest Caroline B

So many highs and lows throughout all of this season, but when it all boils down to memories of it all, only the good ones will survive. Munich will always stand out for me because of the positive vibes from nearly all Dons fans despite the strong probability that we would get horsed.


Even afterwards, I was so proud to be an Aberdeen fan when we got back to central Munich, saw all those police vans and knew that they were wasting their time because no one was after trouble, just a good time.


The packed out Irish bar next to Ned Kelly's was a tremendous experience too and made me realise that supporting our team can be such a positive and social thing to hang onto even if your team has been soundly beaten.


We shall be back!


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