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Scottish Premiership:

Aberdeen v Hibernian

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  1. He spoke utter guff for the most part, like the footballing dinosaur he clearly is
  2. He was doing exactly what his manager asked of him, and to be fair, other than the attempted lob aside, you wouldn't have known Christie was playing.
  3. Their statistics are incorrect also. So probably best filed under shite
  4. No problem at all, and apology happily accepted. I shouldn't have to explain, but I'll indulge. Someone, and I can't even recall who, signed up to AFC Chat in the summer to to have a go at Dean, saying he'd just saw him in the Chester hotel smoking area and that it was a disgrace how a young Aberdeen player was drinking and smoking etc etc. He was at the time 4000 miles away on holiday with his girlfriend. There's been a few tongue in cheek comments about it from regular posters since, which have clearly been picked up incorrectly. Now as I've said, I've no issue with people criticising his ability on the park, as players, especially youngsters trying to make their way will always divide opinion, but to sign up for a chat site with the specific intention of making up stories to discredit him is pretty poor. Maybe the guy genuinely thought it was him to be fair.
  5. Got a little knowledge about the subject!
  6. By all means, criticise his ability, as you're perfectly entitled to your opinion. But please don't pretend to know anything about his private life and continue to perpetuate absolute nonsense you've read on another chat site.
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