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  1. It's not embarrassing though, that's the point. It's probably not even embarrassing for the Huns, who are only now getting a return on their couple of hundred million in a decade. St Johnstone haven't done anything noteworthy, they're a statistical blip. If they were running away with three or four trophies then you'd likely ascribe it to something worth talking about. There had to be one team picking up a second trophy at some point, it just happened to be them. It's a catch 22 as I see it. McInnes isn't a great cup manager, in that he doesn't react to situations quickly enough and is to
  2. McInnes is the manager of the second (equal) most successful team this decade? Or are we both missing the point, in that it's an absolute indictment of Scottish football? I'm sure Craig Brown is telling somebody somewhere about McInnes' excellent "number of games won" record in the cup competitions. Saints seem to have managed to find themselves a couple of different ways to approach games that work, they're doing well at the moment, well done to them.
  3. I'm not defending it, I thought it was a shite sub, merely trying to explain it. I agree with HD, his last five minute subs are frustrating. The McGeouch one was actually comparatively sensible, as it's a case of hoofing it to the big guys and hoping something falls, fine for a five minute spell when all else is lost. It's the introduction of a tricky winger or a small striker (Anderson) that he usually does which is most frustrating. The ones where the player clearly needs 10-15 minutes to get into the game, but McInnes decides to make the sub in the 82nd minute, taking a further 6 minut
  4. I thought McRoree was poor today.
  5. Was it not done to put another defender up? McGeouch effectively sitting in as last man, and no need for McGinn as we were going long and high? I assume he thought there'd be more than two minutes stoppage, which seemed a bit light.
  6. Yep. McGinn to score a hattrick and not celebrate any of them. Interesting lineup, probably about right. Didn't think Hendry was up to much despite his goal.
  7. I expect that if you applied that logic to everything you consume in life you'd be asking the same final question. The answer is - as always - yes, you're expected to, but you don't have to. Those are your choices. Are you expected to use Google whilst your every move is gathered and monitored? To go to a supermarket and not be subjected to targeted marketing/product placement? That's the world we live in, and if you want to be an AFC supporter then you have to do so within the existing system. You could even say you (we) are complicit. But be very wary of painting it as an AFC issue, unless y
  8. Miles writing a storey at tinkcastle
  9. It depends where Livi are I suppose and if the cup is still going ahead. If the club need a few more weeks than that to sort themselves out, then I don't suppose it matters. I'm just not that convinced that the club are in the right place, but eight point deficit would seem reasonable.
  10. Exactly. McInnes will still believe he can finish third (I don't), it's not up to him to call it a day. One thing about Lennon going is that he was allowed to fail convincingly before facilitating his resignation. I think we need to do the same with McInnes. Sometimes you have to allow someone to fail, it's not a bad thing. Lennon has absolute ownership of their failed ten in a row bid, they'll likely have lost the league before the new manager starts. It's a good position for that person to come in, and they won't be tainted with Lennon's failures. Similarly McInnes will own our failure
  11. When we throw money at players with a good reputation in Scotland, we get a good return. That is a strategy that completely works (see Hibs' solid improvement since signing Irvine and Cadden too). It's when he signs players with a reputation for being shite in Scotland that's unforgivable. Main and Wilson being the very obvious recent ones, but tansey, storie, Stewart (second time), Morris and so on (I'd include May) too. Really, really bad signings. When you go further afield to Ojo, Gleeson etc., that becomes the club's issue, and one of scouting. I've been saying for years that recruit
  12. Ridiculous way to treat a manager. "Go out there and lose one last game, Neil", is what they should have said.
  13. I'm guessing that predictive text is the reason for the superfluous apostrophe? You weren't that lax in the previous match thread, but there you used the term "dhims". I'm assuming the phone can't cope with multiple Tims.
  14. He qualified that every time with the conditions being that they were. It made sense in that wind to play in behind. I don't believe he was suggesting that as a general tactic for us to take into the rest of the season. There was space in behind killie, and they were aggressively pressing us on a poor surface where extra touches were regularly required. I agree with jute that they regularly get players wrong, but that doesn't seem to be confined to the red TV pundit. I'm guessing it's something to do with location in the stadium and their distance from the players, something which we obvi
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