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  1. But DM has taken us forward this season so far. We're a much, much better team to watch and the points return reflects that. I don't think it's time to throw out all the good performances this season and judge us based on the last two games with 8 players missing. Even last night, we didn't revert to game management or a cautious approach after going a goal up, we were just simply shite because our fringe of the fringe players are shite. I think even if we had Wright or Hayes playing last night alone would have made the difference between winning and drawing.
  2. Surely that's understandable? With Main, Ojo, Leigh and Kennedy and Cosgrove looking unfit it is largely the team from last season. We became uncreative basically. Campbell and Ojo didn't take the game to Hamilton in the same way as Ferguson and McRorie (or McGeouch) would have, Main or Edmondson aren't a patch on what Wright offers in the advanced area, an unfit Kennedy isn't as good as McLennan and an unfit Cosgrove not as good as Watkins (both Kennedy and Cosgrove could have been subbed around 60 minutes if we'd had replacements), Leigh not even close to Hayes. Where you see our performance
  3. Hernandez is pish. Equally as pish as either Main or Ojo. It's a difficult one, these guys are here until summer and as we've seen will be required at various points of the season. Games like these we should really be able to throw them in. With Campbell in centre midfield, you probably wouldn't risk another youngster alongside. Campbell was okay tonight, I think he'll be a great player, but really needs to work on moving it forward more incisively. Always takes the easy side to side option. Anyway, it is eight players out though, that's fairly disruptive and we struggled to create much.
  4. This, hedges moved further forward, which is ideal. Main might be alright in this type of game too.
  5. I think it would be under normal circumstances, but that midfield isn't getting better overnight. I'd love to have seen us go full belt at them with our strongest 11, but I think a turgid single goal might be the order of the day.
  6. Should, in theory. A midfield of Ojo and Leigh is weak though and it wouldn't surprise me if we dropped points. Ideally we wouldn't be in a league where one team can lose 9 players and still be expected to beat the opposition, whether it be Aberdeen, the scum, or anyone else.
  7. Most important thing is that Rice keeps job, at least until Thursday.
  8. Yep, absolutely, I agree entirely. Lack of transparency. To be honest, I've no real issue with the SFA making mistakes, they're in a far harder position than most clubs given the travel arrangements, but it is the lack of transparency that is the problem. Just a clear outline of events, what went wrong etc and how they're going to change things. When you said "who investigates them?" earlier, I had it in my head that you meant from a punitive perspective, but you're completely right and investigation of the facts that can be presented to the public is what's required. AD, I just read the
  9. Definitely watch the whole thing if you can, you get a much better view of it, it's fantastically bad. You can skip the first 5-6minutes if you don't care about the other pens. It is probably the best thing I've seen all season. Edit: it just shows though, Scotland are fairly lucky to have got through against Serbia, as Marshall was definitely off his line. Thank christ VAR wasn't on the go.
  10. Nah, watch the whole thing pens
  11. Have they investigated clubs for potential failings? I don't think they have. They've issued punishment for rule breaking, but that's an entirely different thing. I hadn't heard about the timing of testing problem, I'd be interested to hear more. The biggest problem with communication for me is the fact that people like us have to speculate about the circumstances on the internet - it's a lack of transparency, we're left guessing and accusing. Motherwell experienced a bizarre lack of communication, but obviously that had no bearing on Campbell being allowed to play or not. I don't th
  12. Why are they incompetent though? I've seen a lot of unsubstantiated criticism, but nobody has been able to put a finger on what they did wrong (Robinson mentioned communication, but that's it). The only thing that I'd say is that we shouldn't have to isolate for 14 days because all our players gained herd immunity whilst partying in soul bar. The Huns have a strong squad. Them and the tims would cope with 8 players missing. So would we against half the teams in the league in fairness.
  13. I disagree. He has at least one good one-on-one save in every big game, always comes for crosses and has excellent positioning. I don't think you necessarily need or want a goalkeeper screaming his arse off behind you, a defence that holds its line doesn't need that distraction. Overall I don't think goalies as Captains are really that useful, but he leads by example.
  14. Strange one. Of all the performances to criticise, I wouldn't have picked Lewis. A few great saves. Not sure which goal he was supposed to have stopped?
  15. Not a great half like. We're all over the shop. This isn't the team to be playing against with your midfield missing, their movement is excellent. Hedges doing well, Cosgrove doing okay on the ball too (how the fuck their guy wasn't booked for bringing him down on the half way line when Hedges broke I've nae idea). Ojo and Leigh isn't a pairing that brings much joy. I'm assuming Campbell isn't 100% fit, but I wouldn't be surprised to see him in the second half.
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