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  1. Stevie May and Wilson dream team upfront please!
  2. If the McKenna situation has caused any unrest in the dressing room that then is down to McKenna and agent making themselves look like a couple of prize plums. Aberdeen however should have taken the Aston Villa offer back in January as at the moment, we would be lucky if anyone returns with even £3million for him in January.
  3. For McInnes to roll out with the same set up and tactics that they nullified a week ago is mind boggling. Playing mind games with Cosgrove fitness as though was Lionel Messi. I can just hear the conversation in the Rijeka dressing room when they got the team sheet: "Oh no, Cosgrove is actually fit and starts! What ever will we do?!?" "Wait a minute, lets just do the exact same thing we did last week when limited him to getting barely a sniff of the ball!" This game was crying out for a different approach, something to mix our play up a bit rather than the same old and McInnes has flapped at it. This was easily our best chance to reach the group stages, the squad was signed well in time for the Qualifiers, the draw was quite favourable but McInnes has blown it. When the system you are playing isnt working why on earth would you take Cosgrove off to replace him with Curtis Main, you would be as well seeing if Si the Seagull had his boots with him. In fact he would probably still be better than Main is he just wore his bloody bird feet!
  4. It just looks at the moment that this move from McKenna and his agent has done nothing more than make them look a bit daft. The Dons are not backing down and there isn't any teams, that we know of, banging on the door with the cash needed to buy him. Aberdeen have never said that he isnt going anywhere full stop, they have always said that if their valuation of him is met then he can leave. If McKenna didn't agree with that stance then he shouldn't have signed a new long term deal earlier this year.
  5. I had the exact same thought. I know some people are talking about Leicester or Newcastle but they both have the money to meet a valuation with Aberdeen if they really wanted him.
  6. Chris Harvey Tweeting confirmation of the transfer request, also said that Ash Taylor is 2-3 weeks away from being back and Devlin not likely to be ready for Thursday.
  7. Pretty poor stuff if he has done this in a week where we have a massive game and a threadbare in central defence. If true, I hope we hold firm on the valuation and get as much £££ for him as possible.
  8. If Celtic value Tierney at £25 Million then £10 million for McKenna isn't actually that bad a price. If it was me however I would seriously consider around £7 Million for him.
  9. Also the lack of experienced CM showed last night, hopefully Bryson is fit for the second leg.
  10. I thought we played quite well, Gallagher was immense, running constantly and looked a threat whenever he was on the ball. Mckenna I though was solid throughout, looked more like the player that was attracting the big money bids the season before last. Gutted that we conceded right at the end, the defence just switched off. Cosgrove should have been pulled for Main. I know he got on the scoresheet but he missed 3 or 4 cracking opportunities as well, chances that I actually think it was harder to miss!! We need to attack this team in the away leg, they had no answer for Gallagher and McGinn and everytime we attacked them down the flanks we were creating chances.
  11. I will be wuite pleased if Wilson joins permanently. If he continues in the same form that he ended last season in, then we have a very decent player on our hands.
  12. I think he would be an ok back up, probably on par or even slightly better than Considine to be honest. A concern would be is that we again seem to be basing a lot of our player searching based on a players decent performance from about 2-3 seasons previous. I thought we may have learned our lesson about that.
  13. The signing of main surprises me, I cant see how he offers anything more upfront than what we currently have. Taylor I am more relaxed on. I think he would make an ok squad player.
  14. McInnes saying he want to add one more player before the close of the transfer window. Also said it is unlikely to be Jonny Hayes which means it will probably be Jonny Hayes
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