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Next Match: St Johnstone v Aberdeen

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  1. Tup gone full radge here, needs to calm doon a bit IMHO
  2. It was not “hilarious” at all ya idiot
  3. Must have bought their carpet from Remnant Kings! Joke, franchise club.
  4. Willie Donnachie esque it was (Some younger members might need tolook that one up)
  5. Madbadteacher


    Nae much sunshine on Leith there
  6. Oot Chillin’ with the youngest granddaughter As above As above 5-0 Aberdeen Cosgrove, Considine, Main (3)
  7. Bets on Lennon now getting to leave “by mutual consent” and go out a “winner”?
  8. We seriously need to improve the defence, or find out if Hernandez is actually any good
  9. Watching the EPL, Juergen Koop better not be complaining after today’s game, Liverpool have been the beneficiary of several referee decisions, most obviously the non award of a penalty to Fulham in the 1st half.
  10. Apropos of the above, been watching the West Ham v Villa game this afternoon and Grealish is a nasty wee cheat of a player. Talented, but falls over very easily
  11. Several things occur to me... We're not as good, or as deep a squad, as we think we are, but we really shouldn't be this bad Derek cannot adapt his tactics to accommodate different players/situations, with the resources at his hand he should be doing better than this (and Hamilton) Joe, as a captain, cannot influence the game so needs to be replaced I'm very, very pissed off by this abomination of a result.
  12. Derek has no clue how to adapt, no plan B, nothing. Either it works or we lose. And that’s not good enough!
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