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  1. Oot Household chores Ditto Grocery shopping 5-1 St Johnstone (Ramsay)
  2. It’s like the reincarnation of another poster constantly referring to our previous manager as a “midget hun c*nt” Are they by any chance related?
  3. Is it just me or is this like deja vu from years of Deek? Pick players and put them in unsuited positions just so they’re in the side rather than pick the players that actually suit the system you’re trying to play? fucking insane, no wonder we’re crap!
  4. Tup quote "get rid of ######## hun bastard/cunt/fucker*" Change the stuck record man FFS! *delete as appropriate
  5. I remember similar feelings about Roy Aitken but he certainly did a job for us as a player
  6. One of my all time favourite goals
  7. So, officially we’re Atlanta 3 now???
  8. Is bringing in Brown not akin the when we brought in Aitken?
  9. I see "Jurgie Lurve" is leaving Germany after the Euros, just announced. Coincidence????
  10. Just for shits and giggles to make Tup explode it has to be an ex-rangers* man!
  11. Fuck right off! NOOOOOOO!
  12. Bring back Fergie for 18 months as DoF and let him pick someone!!!
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