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  1. Thats a bit embarassing! Slower than Latapy
  2. I may have missed this, but where is Touzani? Is he injured again? That aside, and possibly I would have liked de Visscher to have got a game, it's probably our strongest fieldable line up. Only major concern is having Mair AND considine in the same team
  3. My housemate is a trainee journalist. He's not a cunt but he openly admits he's full of shit But he does read the Guardian, so explains a lot.
  4. Well if its up till the summer, I have no problem with that. See how he does, if he fails to impress, move him on. Not exactly a mouth watering signing, but nevertheless, he'll get my support.
  5. According to another forum, he will probably goto Preston NE as the former assistant to David Moyes is now manager there. Sounds promising if we do manage to get him in though.
  6. I noticed that. I don't really know who to believe!
  7. Will probably also give people a bit of a wake up call that no-one is indespensible at the club. Who knows though. But I do agree it is a bit exciting, which is a change compared to our usual January's.
  8. If this is true, then absolutely great. Easily future captain material and plays by example.
  9. I hope he stays because he is one of the few players that visibly play for the shirt. I admit sometimes the game passes him by, but i don't think thats his own fault, possibly the lack of the skill of those around him. If he was asked to take a pay cut, I would not blame him for leaving. I get the impression he won't be leaving before the summer which is only a good thing. I hope no-one boo's him. You cannot blame him for wanting the best for himself and his family.
  10. Big win for us with both Caley and Falkirk winning today. Just can't stop laughing at Hearts though
  11. P&J reported today that Touzani has been playing with an open wound since he had to have the stitches removed from his goalpost injury. Makes sense as to why he's probably been a bit off pace. He also said he wanted to play on because its his first run in the team. I like the idea he's willing to do this, but I don't know if its good for the team if he plays as below par as he has been since the injury.
  12. Probably not too far off the mark. Pisses me off he can get away with saying something like that in a "national" paper. I bet they enjoyed typing every letter of that. Cunts. Can hardly been seen as a threat either. Stupid, yes, childish, yes, which is exactly how Maguire behaves. We all know this, he is not ready for the first team.
  13. Totally agree with you. Have always said, I think we'd struggle to find someone better within our price range. He is also showing guts for the cause which is more than can be said about some others
  14. Its pointless. Yes it was a stupid thing to do, but did he act like that guy did at Celtic park? NO! We all understand why they did it and it happens. Why is it acceptable in other sports, but not this? Its a joke. Re: the simmy song, heard that on tv. But was glad the commentators didn't hear it!
  15. Said the exact same thing before the game. WHAT the hell were they doing being all chummy with traitor smith and mccoist! Not what I wanted to see before a game against arguably our most hated rivals. Post match was just as sickening. My mates (English) were astounded a) they coudln't understand a word he was saying, then when I translated it b ) were shocked that he was arse licking so much. Then, I had to buy the Daily Retard today because I couldn't believe what I was reading. Seve defending that neandethal Mcculloch?!? What the hell is going on. They were lucky not to have 3 players sen
  16. Have to say, I made comments throughout the game how shite the atmosphere was at pittodrie today. Surely they don't make THAT much difference do they?!?! It was terribly flat. All I could hear was the huns sing. Bear in mind though, I was watching it on tv.
  17. Thanks to those cunts tho we are now 7th. But i'm over that again. HA HA.
  18. Whoopie. To be honest though, i'm surprised we've gotten this far with it. Who knows where its going to go from here though. Councilors are weird folk.
  19. Zander for me, but would have Nicholson as vice captain. And no way would I want Pressley at our club. He's been Rubbish for Celtic and is only getting worse. Restrict him to the visiting busses only!
  20. Can't agree with that more. He made non-sensical and unnecessary changes. Probably to match Motherwells game plan. Fool.
  21. Nothing wrong with Alness! That aside, I think JC will sign a new contract anyway.
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