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Next Match: Aberdeen v Hamilton

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  1. 7 hours ago, wokinginashearerwonderland said:


    Interesting view point above.  I don't see it at all as embarrassing.  It is an incredible achievement for anyone outside the old firm to win a trophy given the investment in their teams over the last 30 years.  Our league is no different to England, Spain or Germany in that a provincial side winning something nowadays is becoming rarer and rarer.  If you look at England, only 4 of their non "big six" teams have won their league cup in the last 20 years and their FA Cup is even worse with only 2 of the provincial sides winning it.  That is 6 trophies out of 40.  The gulf in cash between our top 2 sides and the rest is far greater than it is in England.  The idea that our club should just be able to rock up and collect a bit of silverware every few years just because we spend a wee bit more on wages that some other clubs is massively underestimating how difficult it is to win something.   



    I think you might have misunderstood what I was getting at. It’s brilliant for st. Johnstone, I’m jealous of their feat. It’s more embarrassing for us that despite us being Scotland’s “second club” during this period (obviously not in the last three years) despite the investment, it has shown that we have very little to show for it. This is a criticism of DM and the club. I don’t for one second think that we deserve anything, but I don’t think we’ve wanted it enough. There has been bad luck (Rodgers years) but the last few seasons it feels like we’ve just not had the desire, skill or nous to win. Luck plays a part (as al alluded to) but winning does not not appear to be in the clubs mentality at the mo.


    in terms of variety, it’s also good for the country. 

  2. Hamilton have done well of late, obviously anderson seems to have settled in pretty well and we all know what the probably politics are behind that. Anyway, be interesting if they play with the same verve without him. 

    a game we should win, but probably struggle and get a draw from. The two Celtic games were very similar to each other and the killie game was a surprise (although our record against them is very good). Feels like this team is just going through the motions at the moment and we’ve no bite in the middle.





    1-1, kamberi 

  3. 4 hours ago, BigAl said:

    Believe in terms of trophies won over the last ten years St Johnstone are probably the second most successful club in Scotland :dunno:

    Thoroughly embarrassing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m pleased for them, but absolutely jealous given the investment this team has received over the years 

  4. On 24/02/2021 at 23:28, tup1 said:

    Never liked him since he lied about being targeted at Tynecastle by Dons fans. Scottish football can do without the likes of him, he's a football dinosaur. So I'm glad to see the back of him.

    Sounds like they've lined up Steve Clarke so you're right, they will improve.

    Disappointing if that’s true. Not that he would ever come to us, but still, disappointing. 

  5. 9 hours ago, HaarDon said:

    Because we don't employ or look at any foreigners who have actual skills.

    Kamberi being the one exception perhaps.


    Aye, but he was at hibs , so that ticks a box in itself 😉

  6. Not expecting anything from this game, despite the result at the weekend. Given our form against them anything from this game will be a massive boost. Obviously they lost to county away last weekend but I’d expect a response from them against us , bucktooth loves a game against us. We were unlucky not to get something the other week but they still managed to squeeze a result out.

    anyway, Hornby has been ruled out with a tear so potentially Ruth comes in? Hoping that kamberi can get a goal his effort thus far deserves. 




    bed (ha) 

    2-1 Tim’s, kamberi 

  7. 10 hours ago, Jute said:

    Think the way we have to approach guys like this is to sell a move to Dons as a stepping stone to bigger things by pointing out we will give them better opportunity of first team football quicker than they are going to get at the Glasgow bigots. First team football with us will increase their chances of getting move to big money elsewhere. 

    Absolutely. Think the best examples we can give are  fergie and McLean . Lots of first team experience and we should even be getting the likes of those to chat to them.

  8. 11 hours ago, BigAl said:

    Aye it;ll take Royal Mail eight years to get them out of the sorting office 

    You jest, but my folks were sending me my uni certs (track and trace) and it said it hadn’t left the post office after two weeks. Turns out, the tag is still in the post office...who knows about the package.

  9. 2 hours ago, Goldie03 said:

    I haven't posted for ages!!

    I'm fine yeh been a mad year, now have an addiction to jigsaws 🙂

    Bit worried about the dons so good to get 3 points 

    Hope you're good Al 


    Have heard 2020 has been a mad year. Hope you’re well.

    great to wake up to 3 points for the dons, can’t ask much more for a birthday present. Please let it be the start of better things!

  10. 40 minutes ago, HaarDon said:

    Someone like Frank Wormuth of Heracles Almelo would be a great manager for us I think.

    Done amazing work.



    Welcome aboard!

    Interesting suggestion! Are you an Almelo resident? Agreed he has done really good work there and had some very credible results.  Tbh, I'm ready for a fresh approach, I don't think available Scottish talent is all that.

  11. 13 hours ago, Jute said:

    Never mind the title if Chelsea and West Ham both win tonight then Liverpool are 6th and out of European places. 

    That would be even better

  12. 2 hours ago, Jute said:

    Manchester United held to a draw by West Brom today which leaves Manchester City 7 points clear with a game in hand. It will take a monumental arse collapse for City yo blow it now.

    Anyone but the scousers 👍

  13. Been holding off starting this thread. In recent times, I'd been fearful enough of this fixture (due to them actually being good).  Now they're shite but seem to be finding a few goals and we're, well, pathetic. No win in 9 and well, equaling our record of games not scored. Celtic are still shite, but I can't see anything other than another capitulation.  Previous McInnes teams showed some sort of desire, fight or drive. This squad possess none of those things (at the moment).  Doesn't feel like they have the heart to fight for him.

    Work or driving
    Work or driving
    3-0 dhims, no dons scorer

  14. 15 hours ago, Jute said:

    Thinking about it. Question about relationship with Atlanta how holding a player like Hernandez benefits Aberdeen. 

    Genuinely, I’d love to see someone ask that question. Along with whatever our signing strategy (or lack of) appears to be. Doesn’t seem to have a direction to it.

  15. 1 hour ago, Panda said:

    Labelling Chris Chrichton as a happy clapper just sums up how absurd the phrase happy clapper actually is.

    I genuinely can't think of one Scottish manager I'd want. Steve Clarke has somehow engineered himself to the top of the pile of Scottish managers despite not doing a huge amount. 

    Just to clarify, I wasn't calling him that, more that there appear to be a few supporters that regardless of the damning evidence on show, that he is still the man to take us forward. Crichton saying it is a minority of fans that want him gone is also incorrect.

  16. Unsurprisingly, this is very much a must win game. Also, I'm hoping we really see a reaction from not only the team, but especially the managerial duo that they've taken the kick up the arse seriously. No one wants them to fail, but belief that they'll be able to deliver is another thing. 

    St.Mirrens form is in stark contrast to ours (much like a lot of the league). They've actually managed to get something positive from a game against the dhimmery. Although they play them again ahead of our game so that may work in our favour.  We last bet them in October, when we had a team that were buzzing with confidence and wingers on form.

    Be interesting to see if we revert to a four at the back or keep plugging away with three, which doesn't work.  As Jute has mentioned countless times, we need to move away from this introverted winger bullshit. Another failed tactic and so easy to cancel out.  

    1-1, Consi

  17. 55 minutes ago, LA-Don said:

    I despise when people say "well who else is out there" when someone states McInnes needs to go. Just because it could be worse is not a reason to stick with something that's broken. Saying that, I live 6000 plus miles away and am not as knowledgeable of footie at home than I used to be, so who else is out there?

    Big Dunc is certainly an intriguing one and one I haven't heard suggested before. Thinking out loud and a little outside the box instead of the Jim Goodwins and the like.....but not necessarily supporting......Paul Lambert? John Collins? Steve Kean? Alan Irvine? George Burley? Stuart McCall? Billy McKinley? Alex Neil? Just looking at Scots who haven't just stayed local.

    That list is thoroughly uninspiring, less Neil imo

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