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  1. This! Utterly heartbreaking to watch, incredible film
  2. Wtf Well I didn't really rate 1917, the cinematography was excellent but just never got going!! I saw A Hidden Life last night which I very much enjoyed tho a long 3 hours, the Austrian landscape was incredible. Next up is Bombshell & David Copperfield
  3. The Two Popes is very good
  4. Little Women and JoJo Rabbit are fabulous
  5. Ooh me too, normally I would be buzzing for a midweek cuptie but just think it will be torture!!
  6. Goldie03

    Solheim Cup

    It was tremendous nail-biting stuff, had thought about going and really wish I had been there but opted for a weekend in Dundee instead
  7. Most of this Gutted for the girls but fucks sake get some subs on to play out the game!! I actually hate Var!! And I hate to say this but the standard of the female referees has been appalling!! Rennes was fabulous and a lovely afternoon in Paris tho
  8. Thanks Al No just here till Monday evening
  9. I'm in Rennes now with 2 of my daughters for the Japan v Scotland match tomorrow. World Cup match in a beautiful country with sunshine, champagne and cheese, what's not to love
  10. I got completely laughed at in work today by fans of all teams for us resigning Taylor. Like they are totally buzzing that he is back ffs
  11. I Me too Al - fucked if I'm going to watch dons with Ash Taylor in defence!!
  12. Boy Erased is very good, another true story and worth a watch. Finally got round to seeing Green Book, easy watching but for me not really a best picture winner! Aragon has left himself go
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