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  1. Unsure how more clear I could have been? My first post states “a bit of policy regarding public interaction with opposition players accounts”. I have subsequently taken some of your points on board and clarified that with “things that are clearly club marketing posts”. No mention of only rangers players. So let me clarify further by saying competitor (i.e. playing in the same league) player accounts and/or actual competitor club accounts and certainly those that are clearly marketing posts. A good employer backs up good policy with good training. So “punishment” might be additional m
  2. Yet we know some football clubs do control players social media content, i.e. tell them what to post, as it’s part of the clubs brand. His post is a prime example of that, unless he’s just immediately turned into the type of complete moron that deliberately adds Union Jacks to his social media posts. Liking a friends post is fine. I think the line is crossed when it’s a rival football clubs marketing pish they’re liking. Most workplaces have a social media policy. It may be dystopian but it’s a now type of dystopia.
  3. I couldn’t give a fuck what folk post, like or comment on, on social media. I certainly don’t worry about it. In this instance I didn’t mention Vyner, Monakana or Watkins as they’re not paid by our club to beat rival teams. Maybe the english rivalry analogies were misplaced. But I don’t remember any of the Aberdeen squad at the time publicly congratulating Judas Robertson on his move? The point is our players are being paid to go onto a pitch and work their arses off to beat our rivals. Not be all matey on social media posts clearly prepared by a rival club. They have mobile phones
  4. Do they not have his phone number? Could they not have wished him well in person? It's not as if he's even a prolific social media user, the post is quite clearly a hun club instigated one; "Absolutely over the moon to be joining such a MASSIVE club, it's such an honour" Football is tribal and there are rivalries. I'm sure there are friendships or even familial ties within the game that transcend footballing rivalries, but these are generally private. I'm sure, in part to avoid fan dis-engagement. Could you imagine Roy Keane wishing Paul Ince well on his signing for Liver
  5. Was also liked or well wishing comments by Niall McGinn, Greg Leigh, Ryan Hedges, Michael Ruth... Quite clear from the latest rats comment’s that it’s not only your soul you sign away when joining the minks, but your social media accounts too. I’d have thought ryanrat’s reveal post, was club ordered too. That thick cunt didn’t come up with it anyway! Robert Johnson got a better deal with the devil... Perhaps AFC could take a lesson regarding control of players social media. Don’t think they need to write posts for them like the hun are, but maybe a bit of policy regarding public inte
  6. Only time will tell if we are in a better state than we were last week. In the meantime we have something new to look forward too. My favourite bit from last night was the huns, on the McCrorie signing tweet from AFC, claiming that "unlike them our fans are full of hatred". Epidemiologists, really have to look into the possibility there has been a mass psychogenic illness event amongst that lot. Most likely brought on by them LETTING THEIR CLUB DIE.
  7. If Hibs end up getting more for a Scottish player with a half decent, half a training season than we get for an English player with two excellent real seasons, and, we sign anyone related to Colin Hendry, I’ll do what all the fans of rangers did and just go and support a new club. FUCK RIGHT OFF.
  8. Has played for; Bristol City, Cheltenham Town, or both for added bonus points.
  9. Good luck to Cossie. Probably perfectly suited to English Championship, sure he'll do well. Jones going to Sunderland as well as another former McInnes target, Stewart? Their signing for AFC in January 2022 will probably coincide with McGeouch returning from injury for a week. Really excited for that! Imagine if we'd realised the value for our players at any time other than during a pandemic...
  10. Read on Twitter last night it was Nisbet. Could just have been someone heard “Brum in for SPFL striker” and went for him, though.
  11. Aren’t Wigan in admin? Or financial difficulties with new owners being sought, at least? Maybe we are looking at a swap with a player on their books earning more than Ojo?
  12. Wright's definitely better than Hagi. Fair play to him because I bet the huns are paying him a good wedge just because his Dad had a sweet left foot. Maybe Wrights decision is based on his injury record. If he went to england he'd be signing for a lower Championship team or promotion chasing L1 side on not as much money as the huns will be paying him, and he'd need a sustained run of games and form to get a move to a side paying as much as the huns will be. Maybe he thinks he won't manage that and will be quite happy getting £10k p/w (or whatever) to play every second Sunday for 60 minut
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