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  1. Just binged both, series 1 & 2 of Brassic. Only 12 episodes. Fucking hilarious, best thing I've watched in a long time. "Your pigs a cunt!"
  2. That was shambolic. Only positive is two massive deflections and a soft penalty. Why does such a despicable shower get so much good fortune? Highlight for me was McCoist commending Tavernier on his “fantastic record” of 10 goals against us (9 of which were penalties).
  3. Got to get a win as retribution for one of them reporting me to Instagram for hate speech. I encouraged Tom Stoltman for his WSM final by writing " 'mon Tom ya dirty hun cunt". Bunch of racist, truth denying, snowflakes...
  4. Andy Considine only qualifies for major tournaments.
  5. Am fucked! Was 18 last we played in the World Cup. Would have cared less had we lost: mental.
  6. See the huns are releasing a "retro" top in order to celebrate their history keep the wolves from the door. Does 2012 count as retro?
  7. Sad news about uncle Ebbe. Was great time to be a dons fan, when he was manager. Loads of happy times! Sna ba’s game a particular highlight.
  8. Aye, a pity it's not the semi this weekend.
  9. It was Considine alongside Anderson in 06/07 at 19/20 years old that qualified us for Europa League under Jimmy. I think Anderson leaving the following season forcing the more regular inclusion of Diamond on the right and the signings of Mair and more so Mulgrew the season after, hampered Considine's development. Was around that time he seemed to bulk up lose what pace he had, before being shunted to left back. I think when he moved back after Mulgrew went to the Tims, he struggled against the better teams. Was almost nailed on for a few seasons he'd give away a penalty occasionally combined
  10. £3 million up front seems a bit pish, when you consider Forest fans think they'll get £15 - 20 million for Joe Worrall.
  11. Thought he was a better DM than the rat was/is, based on times I saw him play season before last and played CB too, I think. However, hun mink and positions we are drowning in. Maybe just me, but deal also has a stink of something more.
  12. Allegedly, Cosgrove McKenna McGeoch Bryson Kennedy Devlin These 6 appear in all lists I’ve seen. The last two vary and names include. Anderson, Ojo, Ferguson, Hayes.
  13. May have been, their original bid/bids did not meet our valuation?
  14. Fair play to Hayes, didn’t he sign a new contract the Jan before he left to ensure we got a fee, refunded any new strips with his name when he did go, and am I right in thinking also donated some of his signing on fee to the community trust or youth development???
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