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  1. RDU_64

    Piss Up Ideas

    Ach, then you're looking at it being more expensive and there will only be a handful of us. Maybe 6 at the max! Been oot to the country pubs and done it with Stagecoach which was certainly doo-able and was a great day out!
  2. RDU_64

    Piss Up Ideas

    Right folks, I'm looking for ideas on a piss up (as the title would suggest). Keen to do some sort of (public) bus tour. Can either be city centre or the shire, I'm no fussed, all suggestions are welcome! I've done going as far out as Braemar and working your way back in via Ballater, Aboyne, Banchory etc and done that pubs on plenty of other occasions so looking for something a bit different. I was looking at starting at Archibald Simpsons and jumping on a number 1 or 2 bus (whatever is suitable) and working your way down King Street, round Bridge of Don and back in. Only real 'must's' is that there are plenty of pubs to wet our whistles and that we can easily get back to Aberdeen!!
  3. Got mine today. 6 in the North Stand, section 106.
  4. Really hope that cunt Goodwin gets a career threatening injury. Or a red . Either will do. Guranteed that he will take out Pawlett within 10 minutes.
  5. Has he actually been sacked or is he reverting back to coaching? Either way, the Khan boy is making an absolute fuck-tit of running a football club. Certainties to go down IMHO.
  6. In/Oot: Oot Prematch: Gym Match: Flat watching the game Postmatch: Fifa, few tinnies and see what happens Prediction: 1-2 (Pawlett & Rooney)
  7. Was always going to be fairly cautious. A point which isn't too bad for either team but will hardly inspire the fans. Will be interesting to see who leaves Man United in the summer. Goodness knows that the squad needs a complete overhaul.
  8. I'll look into planning ahead, I'll do anything for a bargain! Any particular bits that are a 'must see' whilst doing it?
  9. Totally agree. Watch this be swept under the carpet by the media and Celtic though. Doesn't fit in with the Celtic/Neil Lennon victims paranoia.
  10. Went to see The Railway Man on Friday night. Very good. I've read the book too which is also, very good. Watched The Wolf of Wall Street, cracking film. Di Caprio is brilliant in it. And what about the lass that used to be in Neighbours?! Phwaor!!! Kent I recognised her from somewhere! Zero Dark Thirty and 12 years a Slave next up for me.
  11. Was in Thailand for 2 weeks at the end of October/start of November. Had an absolutely fantastic time, would happily go again. Absolutely stunning country and did everything we wanted to do. Was in Bangkok, Phuket, Krabi, Phi Phi, Kanchanaburi before heading back to Bangkok for our flight home. A holiday of a lifetime really and as I say, would easily go back again (although not to the same places). Loved everything about it except constantly having to say 'No' when walking down Koh Saon Road or Bangla Road in Patong. Got pretty lucky with the weather really, apart from our day in Kanchanburi where it rained pretty hard until we were on our way back to Bangkok. Apart from that, just the odd 'shower' here or there. Food was absolutely amazing. If anyone goes, definitely mostly eat the street food. So much better than any restuarant, it's fresh, you see it being cooked and it's for a fraction of the price. Don't let the fairly dirty chairs or patio tables put you off! This year, I'm thinking doing a spot of inter-railing around September/October time, hopefully getting to Oktoberfest at the same time. Anyone else done that? Is it as easy as jumping off one train, staying a few days and jumping on another?
  12. Agreed. Thought he had a very good game and called everything right down the middle.
  13. 10am. A group of us made the mistake of stumbling out of Portals at 9am one time and into Archie Simpsons for a lager and a brekkie, only to be told that they only serve drink from 10am. Had to make do with 10 pints of water and 10 breakfasts until 10! I've already got me weekend booked. 08:35am megabus down on the Saturday. Eurohostel is booked for the night. Day and night out on Saturday, up early doors on the Sunday and get to whatever pub is open. Train booked on the Sunday at 7:45pm.
  14. Unbelievable result and thoroughly deserved too. Was stuck at work so had to watch it on Sky but never really felt threatened by Celtic once we went ahead (Van Dijks header aside). That didn't stop me from shaking and generally being a nervous wreck for the last 5 minutes though! Never once heard any singing from the 'best fans in the world', just non-stop singing from the away section! Thought Anderson and Robson were tremendous and Pawlett, Hayes, Flood and Logan not far behind. However, with a performance like that, it is maybe unfair to single out individuals as it was truly a complete team performance. What a week it has been!
  15. Disagree, thought we played reasonably well but could be the large amounts of drink beforehand that might be distorting my mind! Had absolutely no danger from Partick and apart from the one good save from Langfield, can't really think of anything else he had to do. Was delighted to see Cammy Smith start and thought he played quite well (I think there are fears regarding his attitude from within at Pittodrie). Pawlett is finally looking like the player he did when he burst onto the scene and is such a danger when he plays as he has been. Zola looked like he is getting somewhere near to some sort of fitness after having double sessions during the international break, looked a handful and was delighted to see him score. Overall, I couldn't fault anyone. All played well in particular the defence looked solid. Great to see Consi back and a perfect game to come back into the fold.
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