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  1. He IS international class...Scottish international class. We are pish and he’s a starter if he’s fit. It’s just where we’re at currently. Accept it.
  2. Agreed on Kjaer. Not as great as Snelders or Leighton but still good. I'd add Danny Ward in there too....not great but still a good keeper for us.
  3. I don't get that. If a guy is born in England because his Scottish parents were living there at the time do to work commitments or whatever, that shouldn't rule him out of playing for Scotland. The deciding factor for the player should be what he feels in his heart. Even though he qualifies for Scotland, he should only put himself forward, when asked, if he feels Scottish in his heart and is willing to run, work and tackle to 100% of his ability 100% of the time. The manager at the time must be able to assess if the player is fully committed to the country, although the player should be man enough to accept or decline based on morals. Is that better than a guy born in Scotland to English parents who grew up in England ? Slightly different but I would also give the example of Stuart McCall. He was proud to represent Scotland. He was allowed to represent the country due to the rules but the difference between him and say Matt Ritchie for example, is that he wanted to represent the country. He cared. He worked his socks off and was 100% committed to Scotland.
  4. Djimi Traoré. Won the champions league and has always been utter horse shit!
  5. Another manager got the best out of Greg Stewart. Perhaps another manager would get the best out of Stevie may. Somewhere in there is still a quality player. Perhaps a few goals would help bring that out of him but I think there's more to it than that...
  6. He will replace Shinnie when he goes to Rangers
  7. Agreed. Money has changed the game and I don't see that changing in my lifetime, or for most who post on this forum.
  8. There's optimism, realism and just down right foolishness. A few years back, Alex Ferguson asked Roy Keane what his exceptions were for the world cup. He said to win it. Ferguson laughed at him in disbelief. At the time, an optimistic expectation would have been Ireland getting to the last 16. A realistic expectation would have been them getting out of the group. A foolish expectation was the nonsense that Roy Keane answered with.
  9. My only real criticism of McInnes has always been that we bottle the bigger games against the old firm but credit where it's due, he's done really well in that department this season. A huge turn around. Well done Derek! Hopefully there's no hangover at the weekend though and we kick on from here.
  10. Proud of McInnes. It took balls to give Campbell a start at Ibrox. Brilliant stuff Aberdeen FC! As the BBC said...a tactical masterclass from McInnes.
  11. Nothing condescending meant. So if there was to be a change in the summer, who in your opinion is a good enough manager for AFC?
  12. Rocket - If McInnes had moved his family up to Aberdeen would that change your opinion on him not being committed? Plenty of managers commute but are fully committed. Mourinho and Rafa Benitez are examples of that. Times have changed and people in every industry commute or work from home or a combination of both. It doesn't mean they are less committed to their job, they just have to find a balance that works for them, their family and their employers. I think that McInnes has done all he can with the club and a change in the summer would be good for all but I don't question his commitment to Aberdeen FC. He has made some good signings, some bad signings won us a cup but underachieved too. For me, things have tailed off and a change is needed as we have flat-lined or arguably gone slightly backwards. Any new manager that comes in however should not be employed if they see Aberdeen FC as anything more than a stepping stone to greater things.
  13. Listen, it’s simple. Build a proper tunnel with reinforcements fae along the already existing road below union st up to mounthooly. Backfill union terrace gardens with all the shit you can find to replicate the current ground being built on a shit tip. Then build a new stadium and training facility there. Perfect. Union st thrives, pubs stay open, jobs a good een.
  14. Shearer and Dodds weren't that bad either. Stevie May's a dodgy one for me. Could be great,could be terrible. He's not done that much of late. Hopefully McInnes can get the best out of him if he signs.
  15. Was at the game last night. Really poor, particularly in the first half. Defence were terrible in the first half with Anderson the worst. Bullied by Rory McAllister. Crap marking for both of Jordan Brown's goals. Dons were better in the second half but far from acceptable against a team they should comfortably beat. Reynolds did ok second half with good distribution from defence. Robson was ok and scored a cracking free kick. McGinn looked lively when he came on as was Hayes in second half. Apart from that there were not many positives . No Wylde, no Zola and no Flood.
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