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Next Match: Aberdeen v Hamilton

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  1. mcgeoch on 90 mins what is the fkn point in that
  2. mcginn clearly isnt fit enough to play at this level anymore
  3. reasonable start then the rot sets seem to have lost ability to play any sort of coherent football , garbage
  4. maclennan getting roasted by laxalt
  5. they are going to win this arent they ?
  6. celtic team in free fall no manager... will we lie down as usual and shit the bed?
  7. guy hardly played we get him and he plays 5 times in less than 20 days ? have to wonder
  8. thought maclennan was shite headless chicken with no real technique
  9. doubt we will be able to afford kamberis wages
  10. smashing heider, and what a difference good delivery makes
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