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  1. @BigAl@rocket_scientist Cheers for that, pretty good voice to be fair, looking into more of her stuff for sure. @Elgindon I'm always in a melancholic sort of mood, I like the simplicity of someone and their Guitar, not overly keen on the Nebraska cover, but feel it might grow on me.
  2. @BigAl Any Album/songs in particular? I know who she is, but never listened to her.
  3. Rewatched " The Indian Runner " last night, truly under appreciated movie. Amazing performances by Viggo Mortensen & David Morse, none more so than this excellent scene.
  4. New to Emmylou Harris, glad I found her, great voice.
  5. Glad you both replied. Solely on Gleeson, sonoftherock, you are correct in saying he was an International, he had a pretty respectable CV, the only reason we got him was because of his Injury problems, a quick search on Google will show you what every one of his Managers said about him, previous to joining us. I wanted it to work, same as all of us, I thought on paper it was a very good addition, it never worked out, but my point was, he never did anything wrong, made himself available for the ball, took the game ( And Olly Lee ) by the scruff of the neck against Hearts when he came on, we were being absolutely bossed, Livingston away, the game Wilson set up young Campbell, he made a big difference, and the other times he played, he did his job, kept it ticking along and was a pretty good passer of the Ball, I believe had we got him fully fit, he'd have been a key Player for us. Our aspirations are the very same, I assure you. The rest of the Players you have mentioned ( Bryson aside, for the moment ) you have hit the nail on the head, McInnes' transfer dealings have been largely pish and he doesn't get called out enough for it. Especially Forrester, Tansey & May. I am not saying Gleeson was a success, I'm saying he never did anything wrong when he played, and when he played, he was never 100% Match Fit. Rico, Gleeson was brought in to replace Jack, similar players that come deep for the ball and keep it moving. He's never been a box to box midfielder, I absolutely understand why McInnes signed him, but sadly it wasn't to be. I see the very same trend happening with Bryson now though, hasn't been fully fit since he arrived, has a pretty decent CV, is someone who could be a very important Player for us, but it's looking more and more unlikely. Again though, was pretty happy when we signed him and understand why McInnes brought him in.
  6. Please elaborate, both of you. Gleeson played sporadically and started a handful of games, when he played, he was absolutely fine, he wasn't fit enough to play 90 minutes due to injuries, we're in the same position with Bryson right now. Fail to see why your " Jesus " retorts are merited, at least back it fucking up with some sort of contrary opinion.
  7. He's miles off the pace because we keep trying to rush him back from injuries, when he's clearly not match fit. It's desperation from McInnes' part to put him out there. And I'll carry this on from last Season, there was absolutely fuck all wrong with Gleeson, the guy never put a foot wrong when he Played ( Barring one slack pass back against St Mirren ) he influenced games against Livingston and Hearts, but he's another that was never really match fit and picked up the odd injury here and there.
  8. And ironically, he was the only midfielder that was vocal, and trying to close down as much as he physically could, there was a point in the 2nd half he went a bit mental at the rest of the Players because he was chasing Balogun, who was passing to Goldson, and the rest of the team were at the Halfway line.
  9. Completely unsurprising performance. We resorted to long balls up to Anderson, who was up against two 6ft ( Plus ) Center backs, fucking hell. Don't recall a single effort on target, middle 3 were abysmal as plenty have alluded too, Hernandez was decent at best, square head though, most of his headers went out for throw ins for fuck sake. Thought Ash Taylor was actually decent overall, Hedges looked lively when he came on, Hayes bust a gut all match without any end product and Edmondson did more than Anderson, but up against those Center Backs, no blame will be laid at the feet of Bruce, he's just not that type of Striker, he needs a Partner. Anyway, fucking dung and more delusional pish from the Manager after the game. He won't last this season, not basing that from today obviously, basing it on the regression for the last 3 years, and this year, we actually have a pretty decent squad on paper, but we will still regress, even more so, and he'll get the dunt.
  10. Given the lack of detailed, or even slightly detailed, match reports, I literally have no idea who's fit and who's not, what shape we have been trying, how we've been playing etc.... All I know is that we've drew 2 and lost once. Get that it's main purpose is match fitness, but still would have be nice to get a few wins heading into the Season. I'm hoping the " Secrecy " has been because we are keeping them guessing? Not that it'll make much difference. I'll be the first to be a negative cunt and say we will lose, comfortably. Also don't think this will be a productive Season for various reasons, looking at another 4th, possibly 5th/6th League Table finish. Digging the new site, though.
  11. Bit of a difficult one this, perhaps a bit odd to be bringing it up, but is anyone else familiar with this? I have been watching People's Magazine Investigates : Cults, and holy fuck, been a bit of a hard pill to swallow But still interesting all the same, I'm only early 30's and had never heard of this particular travesty, but wow, how can one man have so much power over as many people as that and talk them into doing what they did in the end??
  12. Interesting to hear him say there that all of the stats done by the sports scientists, at Celtic, showed he was the fittest at the Club. Maybe got a good year or two left him in by all accounts? We took McGinn back, and whilst he's nowhere near the Player he was, he's still turned it on in key moments, scored a few important goals and created a few important goals. Therefore, Hayes is a no-brainer, surely? He was a better Player than McGinn, perhaps not technically, but he created more, scored plenty, the vast majority of our goals came from from him setting them up. Wouldn't want to waste him at Left Back, I'd be relatively pleased with Leigh on a permanent at Left Back, with Hayes used out wide, where he belongs. Personally, I hope it happens.
  13. Pretty much this..... Aberdeen were a point behind in fourth in what was an odd season. They won three games in a row in the autumn, the only time they ever threatened to go on a run. They didn't even win two in a row before that spell - or after. Derek McInnes came under heavy fire from the fans after a 5-0 loss to Rangers and an insipid 4-0 defeat by Celtic, made worse by the fact that it was at Pittodrie and also because it could have been 8-0. Off the field, they made strides with the opening of their new training base and an injection of money, but they have a lot of work to do for next season. Aberdeen became overly reliant on Sam Cosgrove's goals. He got 23 in all competitions, a great haul, but he fell away in the new year, scoring just once in the league, from the penalty spot. Cosgrove ended up on the bench as Aberdeen tried to find some momentum. Of the top six, the Pittodrie side scored the fewest goals, which is a reflection of their overly defensive tactics at times and an illustration that McInnes could do with more firepower. This league season was something of a non-event for Aberdeen.
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