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Wednesday 29th May 2024

Scottish League Cup Group Stage Draw - 1pm

ūüĒī‚ö™ÔłŹ Come on you Reds!¬†‚ö™ÔłŹūüĒī

Signed Shirt But Not Your Usual Kind (I love my football team so much!!)

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On Wednesday I asked Robert Wicks our commercial director to help me get something nice sorted for a friend who is a fellow Aberdeen supporter of nearly 45 years probably longer actually.  There is a reason why we requested what I have.  My pal more than anybody has tried to understand what it is like for me living with a two lifelong disabilities 24/7 nearly 42 years now.


Whole thing has been processed and is currently in the mail on the way to my flat.  Love how the club has assisted us over the years.  Think my mate will be shocked but touched by what I've done.  Wanted to thank him given a lot of people don't believe I'm disabled with left sided cerebral palsy and a 33% brain injury to boot.



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Haar, you would not believe some of the stuff I've had thrown at us over the years.  My Mam was in labour for 36 hours with me.  We arrived with both fists clenched on their respective side of face.  I'm led to believe as a result of this some oxygen starvation, bleed on the brain, then stroke.


As if you would deliberately choose a life complicated by said 33% brain injury and cerebral palsy eh!!  A lot of my so called friends don't have a clue about our daily struggle.  Always feel as though because they don't see aforementioned battle it just doesn't exist in their eyes and I'm milking the situation.     



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I can now reveal that we got Rob Wicks to get Jay Emmanuel-Thomas and Christian Ramirez to sign a new home shirt for my pal of nineteen years Wulf.  He's leaving to go Poland last week in August.  Couldn't have imagined the great and funny reaction we got from arranging it.  Made effort so worthwhile.  Below is Wulf's response.


"These two haven't even played a competitive game together for us yet but based on some aeroplane knowledge I've decided they should be called 'RamJet'.

Thinking behind this is if you take each first letter in Jay Emmanuel-Thomas does spell 'Jet' and Christian Ramirez has flown halfway across the world from Houston, Texas to join the new regime hence his first three characters of surname are 'Ram' and I'm sure even you know what a 'RamJet' is on an aeroplane!! Well I do now after our chat earlier this morning!!

Also because Christian will be wearing No.9 and Jay No.14 that is why 'Ram' is before 'Jet' in their nickname. You see we must keep numerical consistency at all times!!"


I honestly LOVE THIS GUY and will miss him SO MUCH when he leaves to be with his lady Krystyna.  




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