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Do we ever get Celtic


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The odd Jute (and they are odd) Motherwell or real St.Mirren fan wouldn't go amiss.

You would be pushing it with the Tims though and Huns are a no go area for me.



Has that Scotland board spontaneously combusted yet?


Sadly a few Rangers fans one Dundee fan and a coup!e of Hearts have started a new board DD similar to the other board tbh its weakened the other Scotland board a we bit.

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East Stand Elsie was a f@ckin hoot. He should be welcomed with open arms should he ever decide to put in an appearance ( and superglued to the board to he cant leave). FWIW i really dont mind anyone from any club other than the 2 arse cheeks putting their neb in. It stimulates debate and a bit of banter. The Fartz loon that joins in seems an ok type.

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ACH eastie is only a young lad.

He posts on the other Scotland board he's a good one over on there.


I like the loon to be fair.

He once gave me amazing advice on one of the best coffee shops I'd ever been too.

Grateful for that.

Me n coffee are a must we the odd Fundy piece.



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