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Hands off McInnes huns

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I really can't see him going to the huns. Hayes said when he signed an extension that he would stay at the club as long as the boss was there. And he's kept this team together for a while, so there is a fair bit of loyalty in the team from both players and management.

I also heard a podcast where Graham Spiers was saying that McInnes would take the job as It's a much bigger job than the Dons. Why the fuck would you go from a stable club to a fucking mess that is Servco? Even if the huns got better players in, they are still years, if at all, from challenging Celtic. The deluded huns will not give a manager time to build a team as they think they should be close to matching Celtic now. There is talk of this "war chest" that is just sitting to be spent. What a load of bullshit. I really think that Servco will go bust in the next two to three years.

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I really think that Servco will go bust in the next two to three years.


That would be lovely. Divine karma. Natural justice.


But with so many "customers", it would be almost impossible to fuck it up... by anyone with even a smidgeon of common sense and a tiny fraction of business acumen. Their problem has been greed, self-serving cunts doing deals against the best interests of the club e.g. Ticketmaster, Sports Direct. Normally this type of (very normal) corporate behaviour should be condemned. In their case, I say give them a knighthood. And the day after, abolish the House of Lords.

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