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Happy St Andrews Day


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I have no excuse for forgetting that today was today. It's my wife's birthday today. Which always coincides with St A day. I got reminded of this national day an hour ago. For the record, I never bought her fuck all. Like I did for 90 odd per cent of the last 30 birthdays she's had since I've known her. Our philosophy is very simple. If you want something, buy it. And if you can't afford it, save up for it but don't get others buying you shit you don't need or want.


Tell a lie. I got off my arse to buy her a bottle of champagne. From Lidl. It won a blind tasting test! £19.99 though was at least six quid more than I thought I would have to pay but a lot cheaper than the last bottle we had.


Scotland. I fucking love it. It's the best country in the world cos our people are the best.

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I love st Andrews day .

I've on my kilt the now been wearing it in the toon and Lidl whilst doing shopping mind you my legs are muscular with the mountain running but the rest of my body isnt very good thin springs to mind away see if I can find a song .

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OK here's the video nice pipe music early on for a couple of minutes then Ted Christopher sings I'm Coming Home .

Love that song you will see my stunning Scottie dog 3 min 49 seconds in.


Taken in 2014 Stirling bridge that famous land mark.


Passion for your country should never leave you .


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