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Hart's Response

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Aberdeen defender Michael Hart has spoken to Red Web in the wake of Saturday's defeat at Ibrox in relation to comments attributed to him in some of the weekend press. The 27 year old commented. "To be honest, I'm pretty annoyed at some of the things I'm supposed to have said which, quite simply, are just not true.


"Last Thursday I spoke to the Aberdeen Evening Express to preview the Rangers game and I highlighted the fact that confidence was high and that in Russell Anderson, we have a player who would get a regular game for any team in Scotland. I also said that both Jamie Smith and Craig Brewster were doing really well since their return from injury and that they really had made a difference. Naturally, I'm going to build up my own team, rather than our opponents, but at no time did I mention any Rangers player by name. Equally, I said that I had a great deal of respect for Rangers, which is true, and that we still face a massive job to qualify for Europe next season.


"I had no problem with the way the interview appeared but the headline saying that 'we're better than Rangers' bore no relation to what was actually said. However, the way some of the weekend papers reported the interview was completely out of order and gave the impression that I had criticised individual players in their team which would be a really stupid thing to do and something I would never get involved in. If a player I was playing against had said the things I'm supposed to have, I'd be pretty upset and it certainly does nothing to help the team to get a result.


"Unfortunately, it was a very poor performance and one we have to move on from for the remaining games, starting with the trip to Kilmarnock in a week and a half's time."


Along with Richard Foster, Michael misses the Rugby Park clash due to suspension.


Hmm, didn't the EE name players too?


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Guest StuSimmy

Always thought the media would have turned what he said to a certain extent. Would have been very stupid if what he had said was true though, at least he came out saying how much bollocks it. He should sue!

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Not for one second did I think that Mikey said the actual quotes attributed to him.

He comes across as a quiet unassuming guy, who acts as a model pro, and just gets on with the job.


Gutter press journalism... nothing less, nothing more

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Guest ullevi83

It begs the question, when we play Rangers, should there be a blanket media silence?  It doesn't matter what we say, the weedgie press seem to be able to twist it around to make us the fall guys and we are then left with 50,011 people baying for blood!

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Guest Nebitdag

All the hacks want is a headline and they're good at twisting words to get one.



However, it's unlikely the weegia would have latched on to this had it not been for those muppets at the EE.



It's a shame that our players will probably now feel the need to be bland rather than candid for fear of a repeat episode.



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I don't think the EE did name players. The weegie press did they turned it into a personal attack on Kris Boyd. The players should know by now though anything said in the build up to a Huns game will be used against them.

The EE most certainly did name names.  They even went as far as making up direct quotes.




Michael Hart is confident the Dons can finally end their Ibrox hoodoo tomorrow ... because they have better players.



Aberdeen travel to face Rangers in the SPL looking to record their first league win in Govan since 1991.


Defender Hart highlighted the confidence in the Dons camp by claiming the prospect of going back to Govan in search of that elusive victory doesn't scare him.


"I really don't fear Rangers at all," said Hart.


"That's because we have better players in key positions in our team than they have in theirs.


"I would certainly rather have Jamie Smith than one of their wingers.


"I would also rather have Craig Brewster, in the form he has shown since coming back from injury, than any striker they could play.


"And I'm not going to name names, but I would definitely prefer to have Russell Anderson on my side than their two centre halves.


"When you look at it like that, there's not many in the Rangers team I would rather have in the Aberdeen line-up.


"That's not to say I don't respect Rangers.


"They have quality in some positions and will be boosted by having Barry Ferguson back for this game.


"But if we can't be confident after the way we have fought to get results this season then we never will be.


"Not having won down there for so long doesn't worry me.


"If anything, our poor record at Ibrox puts extra pressure on Rangers.


"Everyone will expect them to win because they normally do.


"We are going into the game on a big high because we've been doing well and lost only one of our last eight games."


But Hart was quick to warn his Pittodrie pals they still face a massive fight if they want to qualify for Europe next season.


Aberdeen need to win at Ibrox to cut Rangers' lead to a point in the race to finish second in the SPL and get into the Champions League.


If they fail Hearts could find themselves just three points behind in the battle for third and make the UEFA Cup.


Hart knows it would be dangerous for anyone at Pittodrie to start believing a European place is already guaranteed.


"We've done nothing yet," he said.


"We could lose the next eight games, finish fifth and miss out on Europe altogether.


"It's great to be where we are at the moment.


"When we came into the new season I doubt if anyone gave Aberdeen a chance of being in the position where we might split the Old Firm.


"But you won't catch me congratulating anyone until we have enough the points in the bag and have actually achieved something."

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hart's response is a sensible one. he says he didn't name names, and the story backs that up. however, some sub-editor at the ee has got a trifle carried away and the heading is completely misleading and over the top.


i read the rehashed version in the record on saturday and it's the headline that people have seized on, not the substance of hart's interview.


you'll see that hart doesn't have a problem with the interview, so it's wrong to blame the ee reporter. i've said this before, but the reporters DON'T write the headlines. you have a faceless sub-editor to blame for that beauty.



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